Like Blogging Like Life

The cycle of life seems to apply to blogging.

You start out new and wobbly.  Slowly learning how to get up and go.  You have those who start out with you and know you and stay with you forever.  You meet people along the way.   Some only remain for short spurts.  Some not even that long, maybe long enough to nod and say hello-they share only a minute of your life-but still it was shared.  You’ll meet folks who will move in and out of your life for the remainder of your life.  There will be those you meet and spend much time with, then they’re gone.   Maybe to resurface at some point, maybe not.   They’re just their on the periphery of your life as you are to theirs.

There will be disagreements.





Quiet times where no words are shared.

We will wonder where every one is and why aren’t they here?  Why haven’t I heard from them?  Are they all out without me?!!!

We will lose friends who made us laugh and made us think.  And took us along their journey to the end.  And we will cry.

There will be new friends, never replacing the old ones.   We won’t forget the ones who left us by choice.  Or the ones who left despite their incredible and powerful desire to stay.  New friendships will develop and the old friendships will remain dear in our hearts.

The day of picking up the paper from our front porch, front stoop, bushes in front of the house or sadly from atop the porch roof are replaced with turning on the computer and scanning our emails or readers for that morning article to read with a cup of coffee.  And maybe we’ll browse again at night while watching the news or reading something to try and fall asleep.

There’s no predicting a good day from a bad day.  There will be times of total amazement when everyone seems to connect to you.  And times of frustration when no one seems to “get” you.   You get tired of it and walk away from it.  Or you stick with it and you trip over a new wave of energy, part of that energy called determination.

Welcome to the world of blogging.  Like all aspects of life it’s grand if you can handle the despair, criticism, silences, losses and frustration along with the accolades, the love, the humor, seriousness,  the work of it, the joy of it.   And mostly, you determine it’s place and value in your life.

I’m pedaling like mad on this cycle.

Blog Cycle