Like Blogging Like Life

The cycle of life seems to apply to blogging.

You start out new and wobbly.  Slowly learning how to get up and go.  You have those who start out with you and know you and stay with you forever.  You meet people along the way.   Some only remain for short spurts.  Some not even that long, maybe long enough to nod and say hello-they share only a minute of your life-but still it was shared.  You’ll meet folks who will move in and out of your life for the remainder of your life.  There will be those you meet and spend much time with, then they’re gone.   Maybe to resurface at some point, maybe not.   They’re just their on the periphery of your life as you are to theirs.

There will be disagreements.





Quiet times where no words are shared.

We will wonder where every one is and why aren’t they here?  Why haven’t I heard from them?  Are they all out without me?!!!

We will lose friends who made us laugh and made us think.  And took us along their journey to the end.  And we will cry.

There will be new friends, never replacing the old ones.   We won’t forget the ones who left us by choice.  Or the ones who left despite their incredible and powerful desire to stay.  New friendships will develop and the old friendships will remain dear in our hearts.

The day of picking up the paper from our front porch, front stoop, bushes in front of the house or sadly from atop the porch roof are replaced with turning on the computer and scanning our emails or readers for that morning article to read with a cup of coffee.  And maybe we’ll browse again at night while watching the news or reading something to try and fall asleep.

There’s no predicting a good day from a bad day.  There will be times of total amazement when everyone seems to connect to you.  And times of frustration when no one seems to “get” you.   You get tired of it and walk away from it.  Or you stick with it and you trip over a new wave of energy, part of that energy called determination.

Welcome to the world of blogging.  Like all aspects of life it’s grand if you can handle the despair, criticism, silences, losses and frustration along with the accolades, the love, the humor, seriousness,  the work of it, the joy of it.   And mostly, you determine it’s place and value in your life.

I’m pedaling like mad on this cycle.

Blog Cycle

61 thoughts on “Like Blogging Like Life

  1. As I read about those we loose on the way, I thought of our Irish darling only to see you had tagged her name. She is so missed. This is honest and beautiful and you don’t have to pedal fast at all lovely, your posts are cruisy and special to read. x


  2. So very well said. Another blog I like is going offline soon and I just feel bad, because that is another friend I probably will lose connection with after a while :-/


    • I’m sorry your blog friend will be going. It is amazing to think of the hundreds if not thousands of people we can touch with our words. Who connect, briefly or long term, and then they’re gone. I have often gone through out my day sharing a tidbit or story from a blog. We make one another think, contemplate and laugh. And to think of the positive energy that is out there. It’s amazing.


    • Thank you Marissa! I have had such a positive experience on WP. It’s a great forum and it shows that people do indeed want to connect and build ourselves up, not down. And I return the friendship gratitude! 🙂


  3. this is so well put and like jen, i thought of the irish too, as the friend who wanted so badly to stay. but she has stayed, hasn’t she? the fact that a few of thought of her with this post, proves that point. great post –


  4. So much truth here. I’ve tried to explain blogging to people who don’t blog, and they don’t seem to quite get it. Which is okay because we can’t all be bloggers just like we can’t all be doctors or plumbers or artists. People come, people go, just as they do in life. Some I miss dearly. Well written, CM. And slow down on that pedaling once in a while so you can stop and enjoy the moment. 😀


    • Thank you Robin. Oh I do stop this pedaling….I have other ‘pedaling’ to do. 😉 I can stop the pedaling but I can’t stop the word fall that runs constantly in my head!

      And it is difficult to explain to those who don’t blog isn’t it? I’m glad you said that because I experience that OFTEN.


  5. Isn’t this the way of the world? Up and down. In and out. High and low? People come and people go onto new challenges as their lives take a turn around the corner. Still, you have laid out the look of the geography of blogging precisely the way it is. Happy Sunday, Colleen. ❤


  6. Colleen,

    You continue to amaze me, you have summed up our blog environment in the most fundamental and heartfelt of ways, and in doing so exposed us. We are indeed a caring sort, we are indeed friends at the deepest of levels, acquaintances on yet another level, and our world is just another from or reality. Individuals come and go. Some stay forever, others only moments. Each has an impact. Some significantly others barely a ripple on the blog sea, yet we all have one basic thing in common we have touched someone somehow at some time. Our memories of individuals may fade in time but thru their words they will be with us forever. Thank you. Thank you for the impact you have had on my life and my world.

    Take care, Bill


    • Thank you so much Bill. You KNOW how much I think of you. 😉 And it is a different kind of world than what we grew up with. But it can have such value. And to me it IS such value. The sharing here is amazing. And I cherish it.


  7. This is so true. Blogging is as much a part of life as any other type of activity. A woman with whom I work once said, “Oh, those aren’t real people in your life.” I had to leave the table before I said something I regretted. I’m so glad I found your blog.


  8. You do really hit the nail here Colleen. Blogging friendships are another kind of friendships as often are very deep, because we share our mind. They come and go just like friends in the real life. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  9. I certainly hope you don’t stop blogging–you have given me more reason to believe in myself through the wonderful way you have with words and your drawings.


  10. True, oh, so true, Colleen. This is how we know we’ve come upon a good thing here, I think. It’s true to life. I so dearly love your chart-cycling BlogHead with this one, too. It’s a good thing BH is not trying to climb your Freshly Pressed day, is what went through my mind! Or maybe that is!! 🙂


    • Oh no….these stats are my regular tens of stats. 😉 My FP day was astronomical by comparison and I would have likely had to walk the bike up …..or turn around for a fun coast down.

      🙂 I’m glad you picked up on the “graph” hill. 😉


  11. Indeed, I have met Mr. N. Flu Enza, Irish Katie, gpcox and many others who have enriched my life. I’m still waiting to see a book, though… and just plain black and white. 🙂

    Keep pedaling…and no cheating getting Po to pedal.


  12. I find that you put a lot of what I think into words! That is so wonderful about you, Colleen! You ‘get’ me, also you are a whole different person, so I enjoy learning about you and from you! Blogging is extra special to me, it is a way to express myself and use my mind. I find myself explaining, as a few have mentioned… But we all are close and part of a different kind of family. We just have to write….


    • We do, Robin, indeed have to write. I like that connection alone. It’s still amazing to me that inside of my head are thoughts and ideas and memories, and by writing I can put them from my head, on to paper, and someone else can read them with their eyes, and absorb things that were in MY head in to their own. That BOGGLES my mind.


  13. Oh boy but this is so true! I think you’ve done a bit of service to remind us all that blogging is just like “life” in other spheres. We have to continue to be ourselves and hope that along the way we can find places of connection with others just also just being themselves. I miss several bloggers that once were frequent visitors. And then new friends come along. It’s quite a ride…and I’m also peddling just about as fast as I can, and often just can’t keep up! 🙂


    • I know Debra. I seem to sometimes be pedaling to make comments and respond and it’s difficult to find time to “just” write. I miss many others as well. It’s a busy life, this life of a blogger. 😉


  14. This is great. Thanks for the preview! I guess I didn’t realize what I was getting into when I started this blogging business. As with life, it sounds like a lot to deal with, but I’m planning to rise to the challenge 🙂


    • Good luck ! It is so much work, energy, and ups and downs. But it has value. If you love to write, and want feedback, and want to share experiences and ideas…. It’s wonderful. Hang on though…. it’s a ride all right! 🙂


  15. Very true. I have been here and there myself lately. Still, I love reading your blog and it is nice to know you are here. 🙂


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