It’s Good For You

Baby’s first laugh.

90 year olds,  married 70 years,  who still make each other laugh.

Someone reading, quietly and alone, who startles everyone with a burst of laughter.

A date.  Two people.  Comfortable with laughing easily with one another.  No pretense.  Just full belly laughing.

A surprise snort in the middle of a friend’s laugh.

Laughing in church.  And not being able to stop.

Laughing at something that happens.  And laughing about it twenty years later.

Not laughing at something.  And laughing at it the next day.  And every time you think of it,  for the rest of your life.

Laughing at five year olds telling their first ‘knock knock’ joke.

Hearing someone else laugh and not being able to help yourself.  You start laughing.  Now knowing why.

Being terribly sad.  And having someone who knows you well enough know which word to say to you to make you laugh.  And you do.

Laughing until the tears run.

The first time you laugh at a memory of someone you just lost.  And it giving you comfort.

Giving someone else a reason to laugh.

And laughing with them.

45 thoughts on “It’s Good For You

    • You’re too sweet Koji. It’s actually an older one I brought forward from the lesser read days. I’m trying to cut back my blog catalogue. I think there are way too many. And THANK YOU! 🙂


  1. You got it right, Colleen. Laughter is great because you can’t force yourself to do it, and you can’t force yourself to stop doing it. There’s no switch involved. It just occurs as a reaction to life. Beautiful.


  2. Trying not to laugh when my four year old twins call me pooh head.. Trying to keep a straight face when I explain it’s not nice to call people names and then give up because I’m laughing so much and so are they.. :0)


  3. Colleen, Laughter is indeed the best medicine. I don’t believe I laugh in an uncontrolled way, but I will bust out rom time to time for no apparent reason. Smiling but then I have been accussed of doing stranger things. But more often than not when others are laughnig their asses off outside, I am laughing to the point of tears inside. But in conversation and life in general I strive to make other crack a grin and laugh. Such a mixed up person i am sometimes. Take care, Bill


  4. Thank you for this! You made me think of those videos where babies taste lemons and limes for the first time – that will *always* make me laugh (and most of them, too)!


  5. Laughter is spontaneous combustion that is excellent for us, so hard to plan it just happens, Colleen! Some comedians work hard on their jokes and they fall flat on their faces, no reaction, then some can just breeze right into jokes, off the top of their heads. I love to laugh, but am not a frequent laugher. I do love to make others laugh, by saying silly things or doing stupid stuff! Colleen, children and babies bursting into laughter, make my heart hurt almost with the joy bubbling up in my heart. Loved this one, you did it! You made my day full of happiness, Colleen! Thanks so much!!


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