Build Me Up

I can’t help but wonder if one of the best things we can do in regards to developing our own character, is to love someone who doesn’t seem capable of loving themselves.  Helping someone who doesn’t seem capable of helping themselves.  Giving to someone who has nothing of themselves to give.

On either side of this equation, is potential.

Potential for pain, let down and disappointment.

And potential for joy, growth and achievement.

Potential for life changing alterations.

I wouldn’t want to be the person unwilling to develop my character.   And I wouldn’t want to be the person not knowing love – of self – or from others.

I know that often we hear how people will tear down others to build themselves up.  That building theory is erred, it  is based on pretense.  You can’t build with negative materials.

I’m not an architect, or builder, or engineer, or contractor.  But you can’t build up by subtracting.

And in my world, adding, creates an equation that works both ways.

When we give (love, help, comfort) we also give opportunity (to feel, to stand back up, to grow).

Who ever gives can also be the receiver.  And the receiver can then be the giver.

That’s a better way of building.

Building Equation

As a side note I want to thank all of you who have ever shared a personal story, a thought, a creative poem or story, that has given me something.  Something to cheer me up.   Something to make me reflect a little more clearly upon a situation.   A chance to review my attitudes and behaviors.   Everything I absorb that makes me think and/or work harder on my personal growth has great value to me.   Ergo…you are of great value to me.  We are part of one another’s building blocks.