Build Me Up

I can’t help but wonder if one of the best things we can do in regards to developing our own character, is to love someone who doesn’t seem capable of loving themselves.  Helping someone who doesn’t seem capable of helping themselves.  Giving to someone who has nothing of themselves to give.

On either side of this equation, is potential.

Potential for pain, let down and disappointment.

And potential for joy, growth and achievement.

Potential for life changing alterations.

I wouldn’t want to be the person unwilling to develop my character.   And I wouldn’t want to be the person not knowing love – of self – or from others.

I know that often we hear how people will tear down others to build themselves up.  That building theory is erred, it  is based on pretense.  You can’t build with negative materials.

I’m not an architect, or builder, or engineer, or contractor.  But you can’t build up by subtracting.

And in my world, adding, creates an equation that works both ways.

When we give (love, help, comfort) we also give opportunity (to feel, to stand back up, to grow).

Who ever gives can also be the receiver.  And the receiver can then be the giver.

That’s a better way of building.

Building Equation

As a side note I want to thank all of you who have ever shared a personal story, a thought, a creative poem or story, that has given me something.  Something to cheer me up.   Something to make me reflect a little more clearly upon a situation.   A chance to review my attitudes and behaviors.   Everything I absorb that makes me think and/or work harder on my personal growth has great value to me.   Ergo…you are of great value to me.  We are part of one another’s building blocks.

39 thoughts on “Build Me Up

  1. Excellent and thoughtful post. The willingness to devote time and effort to developing and improving upon one’s character is a great quality to have. We are all building blocks.


  2. I love your words, your effort, your being, YOUR SPIRIT! Thank you for making re-think and re-examine my self and my actions. Thanks for all of the beautifully written essays [old school for blog :-)] Thank you most especially for your continual belief in a better humanity… THANK YOU! Thank You. thank you…


  3. Those people who make themselves feel better by making others feel worse …. Pffft. See-ya. Outta-here. Na-na-na-na-hey-hey-good-bye. However you want to say it, there’s no room for those sort around my eyes and ears. Life is too short for negative shenanigans like that. I’m too old. Dragged, and been dragged.

    As you say, Colleen, it’s better to think up, up, up.

    Thank you again, for your illustrative brand of blogging.


  4. I like your message and agree fully. And true, you cannot build on the negative, at least not build anything positive or permanent. It just does not work. I like your building, and your positive outlook despite it all, keeps me going too. Thanks 🙂


  5. Colleen, soft smile, gosh I just enjoy how your mind works. You are truly a fantastic person. You find ways to take the murky out of stuff. This is a wonderful post, and has been the foundation on which I have tired to live my last couple years. Thank you for reaching out, and taking my hand. Take care, Bill


    • 🙂 It’s a mutual thing Bill. I sometimes worry that I paint this Pollyanna picture of myself. Heaven knows I am not perfect nor 100% positive. When I am conscious of the choice I have …to be positive or not….I make an effort to be positive, or create positive, when I need it. 🙂

      And your building blocks come across as positive as can be.


  6. Boy do I believe that we are building blocks for one another. That’s such an excellent way to say it, Colleen. I think it’s so important to be willing to participate in learning across our lifetime. Thank you for what you contribute to my own learning. ox


  7. Colleen, what a wonderful post and you have got it completely right. You’e a fantastic motivator. But we have to start with the foundation – because some people just want to build the fancy decorations. It’s hard work for both involved. This post is so significant!


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