Which Side Of The Fence

If I build a fence it’s to protect, or border.  To use as a boundary.  To block in quiet.  Or block out noise.  And within my fence I would want to relax and submerge myself in the peace – on this piece of earth – I have quieted for myself.

The Fence

If you build a fence-I want to know what the hell you’re hiding.

What Are You Doing?

46 thoughts on “Which Side Of The Fence

  1. You got that right, Colleen. My fence is bee-yoo-tee-full, keeping everybody’s eyes off of my cherished little lawn. My neighbor’s fence built by the same company the next day from the same material is a freaking eyesore meant to keep me from seeing my rightful scenery across the valley! (Not really, but I wanted to second the spirit of your excellent BlogFence Post. 🙂 I support your fence!


  2. Good point. 🙂 That said, they could just be messing with you…like the film with Tom Hanks, The Burbs. Then again, if they are burying treasure or what not I would definitely want to know. 🙂


  3. I’m not a fence person … I like open landscape – if I have a need for my own space I go I would go indoors. In Sweden we love our fences and hedges, it’s also to mark a terrarium.
    I wouldn’t see you as a fence person.


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