We’ll Always Have Porches On Rainy Days

Today my mom drove over an hour to have lunch with me and my husband.   No reason.   Just because.   Which is the best reason of all.

Mom and I don’t seem to be much alike.   She is all girly.   She wears makeup and perfume every day.   Even fixes her hair every day.  And she’ll wear a dress or skirt without anyone making her!  I’ll fix my hair on days I have to work.  Never on vacation.  And only some of the days I have off.  I will never wear a dress on purpose.  Ever.  I have perfume.  Unopened.  And only because I bought it in Ireland.  Makeup?  I scoff.

I have spent my life identifying more with my dad.   I just seemed more like him.   Physically I think I am most like him.  I look like him.  My sister says I have his hands.   As I get older I have started loving horseradish and hating the telephone, both very trademark dad traits.   Mom used to say if dad found a shirt he liked he bought four of them just alike, maybe different colors.  In my closet now are maybe fifty shirts.  But only four or five different ‘kind’ of shirt.   I have five, six, even seven of the same shirt-just different colors.

My dad would sit in a chair, lean back and cross his hands behind his head.  His right foot resting on his left thigh.  I find this seating position to be extremely comfortable.  And familiar.

Mom likes a party.   Dad did not.  I do not.

Mom likes a bourbon.  Dad did not.  I do not.   (In fairness here, dad liked beer, and I do not.)

Mom likes liver.  I don’t ever remember seeing dad eat liver.  I may have been too busy trying not to gag at the liver on my plate.  For real, literally gagging, at the dinner table.

So that’s a general picture of the way things are/were.

Until today.

For weeks I’ve been trying to get home and get my after work stuff done so I can go outside and sit on the porch when it’s raining.  More than a few times I’ve had the chance.  More than once I’ve been disappointed because by the time I got out there the rain had stopped and the sun was out.  I like the sun.   But there’s something about sitting on the porch in my rocking chair when it’s raining that I find extremely appealing.

At lunch today mom was talking about a new place to live.   And someone had asked her what she would like in a new home.  She said the one thing she wants more than anything is a porch.  A covered porch.  So she can sit on it when it’s raining outside.

We may not share makeup tips and trade dresses (shudder).

But I find a lot of comfort in knowing we share the value of sitting on a porch in the rain.  And loving it.