No Offense Taken

I was called to the lobby.  As I approached I asked the only person there, a man, if he was the gentleman I was supposed to talk with.  He said “yes sir” and stuck out his hand to shake my hand.  I shook his hand.   I waited a beat for him to acknowledge I am not a sir.

He did not.

I said “I’m a ma’am”

He said “oh, okay”

Not the first time.  Won’t be the last.

Especially the first day after a new haircut.

Look Like A Man

No offense taken.  I’m not surprised by it any more.  Momentarily startled maybe…..I mean….some things are obvious……

(Insert chuckle)

62 thoughts on “No Offense Taken

  1. Funny!!!!! My baby GIRL was dressed in LAVENDER with PURPLE ROSEBUDS! I mean, DRESS and BONNET and matching BOOTIES….boy or girl came the question….seriously???


    • 🙂 I suppose it’s better to be safe and ask the question! I do remember a friend of ours who dressed her youngest boy in a dress and grew his hair out because she wanted a girl so bad!!! 🙂


  2. My son had the curliest blonde hair when he was a baby. I had him dressed in a shirt that said “I’m a Boy” in big bold letters on the front and on the sleeves and someone still asked me boy or girl.

    Twice when I was in the Air Force I was with my husband getting gas. On one occasion he went in to pay while I stayed to pump the gas and the lady said “Oh the one with the little boy.” My husband said “That’s my wife.” The other occasion I went in to use the facilities before my husband came in and the lady said “Your son is in the restroom.” I let my hair grow out after that.


    • Okay, I had to laugh at those Charlene! 🙂 I’ve never been mistaken for my husband’s child!!! 🙂 When I was younger I was mistaken for my brothers brother.

      My husband likes my short hair so I don’t have any worries there. As a matter of fact HE insisted the day before this incident that I go get my hair cut! And now it is VERY short.


    • Thanks Marissa. I know that people assume things when they see my short hair. It has been a long history of being asked if I am a man, or am I gay, etc. It really doesn’t bother me that I’m asked or that they wonder. I’d rather they ask, if they’re that curious. Sometimes though, the response they give me back is odd. This fella just said “oh, okay” like he wasn’t listening, didn’t care, or didn’t believe me. 🙂


  3. Colleen, Trust me I would never make that mistake, and please also trust me I NEVER overlook the obvious, that’s the kind of guy I am. Besides being blind, the guy was an idiot if he didn’t immediately pick up on your lovely charm. I apologize for the idiot, he is a disgrace to the men on the planet. Take care, Bill


  4. I think that people don’t really LOOK at each other any more. He saw short hair, made a snap judgement and didn’t bother to see anything else.

    My hair is short now (the way I prefer it) and I still shake my head at the memories of exes saying things like, “you have to grow your hair out – you look like a boy!” Don’t the boobs give it away?


    • If I had had pop or milk in my mouth it would have been snorted out! They do indeed give it away!!!! 🙂

      I like my hair short for convenience sake, and the spike-ability of it.


    • Ha! 🙂 It was just that moment where he left me hanging after I said “I’m a ma’am” and he didn’t say “oh sorry” or “oh, my bad”. Just an “oh, okay”. :/


  5. Must be the haircut, Colleen. Did you get the shave, too, this time? 🙂

    Just joking just joking just joking don’t think you really shave. Your face. Not that there’s anything wrong with that if …

    See what I got myself into? Just like the guy who called you sir in the lobby. He left his glasses home. My excuse is some misguided sense of humor!

    I love your BlogHead for this one, my friend. Still my friend, right? Did I mention how great your new haircut looks in the BlogHead?


    • Oh you have to do more than think I look like a guy to lose friendship status with me Mark. You don’t get off that easy. And I probably wasn’t fair in the depiction of the haircut/hairstyle for that day. The day after I got my short hair cut to a shorter hair cut. It may have been more like this:

      Shoot….never mind. I can’t get the picture to post here….
      And no, I did not have a beard that day. THAT day.



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