That Rare Call

My day starts.

Start Of Day

And it starts the same way every day.

Up The Stairs

I’m grateful for a good job.

And I’m grateful I have the opportunity to make a difference.

And then the calls come in.

Call To Action

Calls for help.  Calls to fix it and fix it now.

Fix It Calls

Demanding calls and CYA calls.

Do It Again

I get calls that tell me things I will never, ever, be able to unhear.

Can't Unhear That

I get calls where I just don’t understand someone’s need to be rude.

Rude Calls

I have moments when I don’t know if I can pick that phone up one more time.

Not Again


I get calls that break my heart and bring tears to my eyes.

Sad Calls

I have moments when I pray for that phone to not ring again the rest of the day.

The Phone Don't Ring Prayer

 I have “I better get comfortable for this call” calls.

Get Comfortable Calls

There are some calls that are quite baffling.  I’ll just let you be curious about those.

Baffling Calls

I’m fortunate when I get the ‘throw back my head and laugh’ calls.

Laugh Calls

But the rarest of calls.

That one out of 100.

Sometimes one out of 1000 calls.

That Rare Call

Is what makes me get up every day.

Start Of Day

And do it all again.