Gladly Taking Advantage Of America

Happy Birthday America

It’s the Fourth of July every where today.  Unless you live in a different time zone….and it isn’t.

There’s more to Independence Day than fireworks and barbecues.

There is history that goes back long before 1776.   Some of it good, some of it not good, some of it shameful and some of it worthy of holding our heads up high.

The great thing about Independence isn’t recognizing it the one day of the year.  It’s the every day of the year that you celebrate your independence.  Though we don’t necessarily recognize it as independence, the things we do every day are a direct result of living here and having the independence to do what we want.

I choose to celebrate it daily by taking advantage of America.   And I take advantage of America by having advantage.   I get up every day and go to work.  I raise my family by being an active part of their lives.  I parent.  I grandparent.  I check off my to-do list at work and earn my paycheck.  I spend my paycheck on my bills, my food, and try to be charitable as much as I can.  I’ve been in situations where I needed charity, and I have the advantage now to help in other’s situations.

I can’t claim great acts of heroism or take credit for having created positive change for my country.  But I can claim responsibility for what I do to take advantage of being an American and appreciating what it is I have here, these advantages, the opportunities, and the gratefulness for others who do greater acts than I.

Today I celebrate and gladly take advantage.

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And then I will eat birthday cake.

Birthday Cake

Thank you America and every single American who has provided me my Independence and the ability to take advantage of having advantage.

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  1. Colleen, You celebrate for all the right reasons, because you recongize many of the wrong reasons to celebrate. I hope your 4th was quite joyful. Take care, Bill


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