29 thoughts on “If I Don’t Move

  1. Colleen, Maybe you won’t be seen, but you deserve to be seen and clearly heard. You have so much to offer, so much we need to hear and be reminded of. S please be seen and heard. Take care, Bill


  2. It would be so nice if we could all have an “Invisibility Shield!!” I love the memories of children (and animals) who thought they could hide, if their eyes were closed or they couldn’t see out, but parts of them showed! Smiles, Robin


    • Oh that would be a great shield to have Robin. 🙂 Sometimes I I have to be places I don’t want to be. That shield would be nice. I could fulfill my obligation but not be seen. Wait…then no one would be believe me. Hmmmmm. More thought needs to go in to this.


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