When I Die-I’ll Bike To Heaven

When I see the tunnel.

I hope and pray there is a light at the other end.

And that it calls to me.

I have no fear of it.

I have no dread of it.

Though I’m not ready to leave here.

When I go,

I’ll look for the  light.

And when I enter I will surely feel trepidation.

Fearing there will be no light.

But if I were to envision it with hope-

I would see it…

See The Light

And there would be no fear no more.

No Fear

It would beckon without word.

But with warmth and comfort.

Light Of Love

It would feel only of love.


And welcome.




Absorb Me

Absorbing me.


And yes.

I would be on my bike.

That is how I would want others to envision it.

Other’s may go on angel’s wings.

I’m riding my bike.