When I Die-I’ll Bike To Heaven

When I see the tunnel.

I hope and pray there is a light at the other end.

And that it calls to me.

I have no fear of it.

I have no dread of it.

Though I’m not ready to leave here.

When I go,

I’ll look for the Β light.

And when I enter I will surely feel trepidation.

Fearing there will be no light.

But if I were to envision it with hope-

I would see it…

See The Light

And there would be no fear no more.

No Fear

It would beckon without word.

But with warmth and comfort.

Light Of Love

It would feel only of love.


And welcome.




Absorb Me

Absorbing me.


And yes.

I would be on my bike.

That is how I would want others to envision it.

Other’s may go on angel’s wings.

I’m riding my bike.

45 thoughts on “When I Die-I’ll Bike To Heaven

    • Sweet sweet way to go Eric.

      Like that one saying goes, I want to go in whooping and hollering, skidding in, having used up every bit of life energy I was supposed to use. What it is? Strawberries in one hand and champagne in the other? Mine will be energy drink in one hand and cinnamon raisin bagel in the other! πŸ˜‰


  1. I have no fear of crossing over, as I know there is an after life. You made me smile, I can just see whatever gates await, one for those walking, the other with a sign saying ‘On ya bike’?


    • I suspect the closer you get to it the closer you’ll get to your PR. And there will be no shin splints or achy knees. πŸ™‚ Imagine a 1000 mile run! In eternity? It will be awesome.


  2. I will be allowed to stand still for a moment with my five-iron, hit one more shot, and stride purposefully toward that light, Colleen. When I get there, I will see a green, a hole, my ball in it, a robed caddy with long brown hair clapping and waving at me.


  3. Colleen, I have no doubt that your journey will end in heaven, and I have no doubt you will indeed ride your bike right up to the pearly gates. But I am so so sure, that your pedalling will be made easy by the wings attached to your shoulders. For even now you are an angel. Take care, Bill — Enjoy the ride.


  4. I love this, and believe it or not, I used the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ in my post to Jen and to you, without reading this poem first. But my ‘Light’ I was wishing you, was the one that will help you to feel that your addict is on his way to recovery, lightening your load…
    I was not on the ‘same page,’ since I was not thinking spiritually, but metaphorically!
    So, it is great to think of you riding your bike, pedaling gracefully into the sunset of Heaven!


    • πŸ™‚ I get that. And I can’t thank you enough for the continued support and encouragement.

      And I do envision riding gracefully (which will be a new experience for me!). πŸ™‚ I think God or Jesus may just pedal out to meet me. πŸ™‚


  5. Oh I do like your vision, Colleen. I want that same light! I might not bike, though, if that’s okay! πŸ™‚ With so little practice, I could fall off. Not a good thought when going towards that special light. But I can think that I might run. Once I see that particular light, I’m going to be eager to get there, i just know!


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