I Met A Man On Line

I met a man on line.

Sitting on my computer.

Reading and writing blogs.

Innocence On The Computer

WordPress blogs to be exact.

You know how it is.

You make comments.  Get comments.  Hit likes, and wonder who is liking you.

You talk to people.

Dialogue is created.

Then….he was there.

On the other side of the computer.

There He Is

Talking to me via the internet.

Distance was nothing to words.

Words went from computer to computer with ease.

We learned each others stories.

Everyone who lives has an experience to share.

That’s why we write.

That’s why we read.

Computer To Computer

Finally, it couldn’t be helped.

I had to tell my husband.

And he said…

Let’s go see him.

On A Jet Plane

So we did.

Chatter Master and Flaham

Our world is huge.

It seems smaller when we can communicate across the globe in a matter of seconds.

The Whole Wide World

Is at our fingertips.

To meet.

To know.

To learn about.

To appreciate.


And I do.


Which is why my husband and I flew to Florida for lunch today.

To meet a guy I met on line.

For lunch.

And now we’re flying home.

We are now officially jet setters.