Near Death On That Mountain Road

I don’t know how we didn’t get killed.

We were driving up the mountain roads in West Virginia.

We turned left to pull in to a little area at the base of what was possibly supposed to be a waterfall.   But no water was falling.  We turned around to head back up the mountain.  We needed to turn left back on to the road.  Problem was, the road curved out of sight  very shortly up the road without being able to see much.   And it curved to our right out of sight as well.

We looked.

And looked.

Left right left right.

Both of us.  Nothing coming.

He moves the car loaded with bikes out on to the road.

And there it was.

A semi.  A semi carrying logs.

It was, to this point in my life, the absolute only time I truly thought I (we) were going to die.

At that exact moment in time I was already imagining the semi hitting us.  I wondered what it would feel like.  And I didn’t care to find out.  But I was tensed for it.

Husband floored the gas and hauled us across the road.  The semi never braked.  It didn’t slow down.  I can’t help but wonder if it didn’t even see us.  I still have no idea how that truck didn’t plow in to us.  Until it was completely past us I was waiting for the crunch of it as it drove in to us.

We drove up the road and we had to pull over.  Get out.  And move.  I had to jump up and down to dislodge my heart from my throat.  I think there was a part of us that wanted to make sure we were really not back down that mountain a little ways, having left our earthly bodies behind.

It was that horrifying.

I can’t help but contemplate how many near misses we have in our life times.

I sincerely believed we were going to get hit.  And I am amazed, looking back, at how calm we both were.

I don’t even have a point to this story.  Other than I’m alive to write it.

Have you ever been this scared?

56 thoughts on “Near Death On That Mountain Road

  1. Yes, and interestingly enough, it was in WVA. We had just bought a home in NoVA, at the states Northern apex where it borders WVA and MD. The first weekend ‘out there’ (because it was VERY rural), I figured why not poke around the neighborhood (within 10 miles). Longer story short, I snaked my way up an old mountain road (purely out of curiosity) and happened across what I thought was an abandoned property. And then I saw the sills. And soon after, I detected motion from within the nearby woods and out came two (truly out of Midnight Cowboy) locals. With aimed rifles. I froze. What’s a preppy driving a BMW supposed to do in a situation like this? Alone, my life literally flashed before my eyes. It’s a longer story but I’m alive to share it. Guardian Angels were with me that afternoon.

    Glad you are here to tell, too!


  2. Not in a situation like that. Just reading that frightened me, I can’t begin to imagine it for y’all. I would have had to stay stopped for a long while, I’m sure. ((hugs))


  3. Chatter Master… OMG.

    Did you scream? Did you even have time to scream? I cannot imagine the fear that must have overwhelmed you as I have never been in that situation.

    I am glad Po was quick enough to properly react… but if he was driving my Mustang, you would not have worried about getting across with alacrity when he floored it.

    I am happy you had the chance to stop and look back to see if you were in heaven…and hope you never experience it again.


    • I did not scream. I just thought, calmly as oddly as that sounds, that we were going to die.

      Po was certainly the hero here. ANd yes your Mustang would DEFINITELY have gotten us across that road quicker than the loaded vehicle we were driving.

      Thank you, I hope we never experience that again either.


  4. I’m so glad you made it out of that incident safe and alive, Colleen. I feel like those experiences can help us reevaluate what we consider important in life – I’ve had a few sort of near-death experiences, and they always make me reexamine what I was thinking before the event and how I feel after.


  5. Yes. I have been that scared. Many years ago, my husband and I were in the process of moving. We were driving to our new home, on a freeway in Illinois, in separate cars, me following behind… When a horrifying accident happened right in front of my husband’s car – cars spinning within inches of hitting him and sending him into the fray – which then would have hit me, too. We witnessed people flung from their cars, a small child screaming and crying in the median, other cars stopping and people running to help… (Even now, as I type, I have goosebumps and tears in my eyes.) It was terrifying. Once we decided our help was no longer useful and we were only in the way, we drove to the first exit and parked. Got out and jumped up and down – just like you guys. We needed that moment to recollect, talk about our emotions, cry a little. Shake it off. The next 6 hours of driving was exhausting… That scene playing over and over in my head… I couldn’t get over how lucky I was that I didn’t loose my husband that day!

    I hope I – and you – never have to experience that kind of fear ever again! Ick.


    • Oh FindMeg….how horrific. I am so sorry for all of you that were part of that that day.

      I’m so glad you had/have your husband to hug and hold on to.

      I can’t imagine it, and again, I’m so sorry for that.


  6. My dad was from West Virginia. He always talked about those scary mountain roads. Yes, I was scared for a real reason, one time. Right before surgery to remove part of my lung. All I have to say is that I asked my dad to help me not be so afraid…and a wash of calm passed through me. (have I told this story?) Otherwise, my fears are all imagined.


  7. Holy crap! I’m so glad you didn’t get hit!! I’ve had scarey moments like that and it’s like everything happens in slow motion and weirdly there is a calmness to it until after the fact anyway. Wow! I’m not huggy but I almost want to give you a hug!


  8. Colleen, I once had a similar experience, as a passenger in a car, I was the lucky one when we struck the telephone pole. And since then I have other brushes. I wasn’t taken for a reason, and my dear neither were you. Those powers, looked at you and said not yet, not today, maybe tomorrow, but it wasn’t. Your time isn’t up, you have so much more to offer and give. There are heads that need to swell because of your words or visits, there are pictures that need to be drawn, there are words you still have to share, and there are hearts for you to warm. Yes you were near, but you were not choosen, and that is for a very good reason, your not done yet. Take care, Bill . ,


      • Colleen, there is no doubt in my mind that you will figure it out. Most likely it will be something dropped in your lap when you least expect it. But once that moment happens you will be prepared. Take care, Bill


  9. I am glad you are both okay. That just…dang, that was close.

    Scary to think the semi never slowed down. Must not have seen you is the only logical conclusion…and that is a scary thought too.

    I have only been that scared a few times, and it is hard to forget. I almost fell out of the raft in serious whitewater. It really jolta you and makes you think. Like an existential dilemma you cannot stop thinking about for awhile.

    Glad you are safe 🙂


    • Oh man! I had a friend who once fell in to white water rafting, when she first said it I smiled. But then she told me the story. It was horrifying!

      I’m glad YOU are okay too. And thank you. 🙂


  10. That sounds absolutely terrifying! So glad you are here to write. Once, while driving on the freeway in Connecticut (and may I say those people drive like lunatics!), with my mother and 3 year old daughter, our tire blew while in the outside lane. The freeway was packed but in a millisecond the car behind us abruptly got off on the exit ramp we ‘somehow’ crossed over all 4 lanes unscathed. When the AAA guy came he said, “you ladies must of had an angel pick up your car up and set you down here, cause you should have been killed crossing all these lanes.” 🙂 ~Karen~


    • I think the AAA guy was right! Everything had to have been lined up quite perfectly for you to be unscathed. I was telling a different friend about it today and told her that the hand of God had to have intervened. Had to.

      Thank you.


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