Full Body Armour

There was a time in our lives,

Or there should have been,

When all the armour you needed,

Was the full body armour –

Of your parents shirts.

Life is meant to be safe when you put on

Your mom or dad’s shirt.

And it covers you fully.

You can smell them when you bury your nose in it.

You can pretend to be your dad.

Be Your Dad

And look handsome in his shirt.


Or it can be a perfect dress to twirl and dance in.

You can be a princess or a fork lift driver.

You can be what ever you want when you’re this little.

And you might change your mind in five minutes.

Or two.

Because you are fully protected in your armour.

And your imagination.

Perfect For Dancing

It’s a perfect cocoon

For Saturday morning cartoons

And not having to deal with the world.

Full Body Armour

Life would be wonderful –

If we could take this full body armour with us –

Through for ever.

52 thoughts on “Full Body Armour

    • NAPR, I’m so glad it made you sniffly. I say that because while I was drawing and writing it I was emotional about it. In a nostalgic way for my childhood, my children’s young days, and now another generation.


  1. I know what you mean. I used to feel so secure and somehow more powerful in my mother’s clothes, and my brother’s. His clothes always made me feel strong and closer to him. I still have one of of my mother’s shirts and one of my brothers. They’re tucked away now for safe keeping.


    • Me too April. It’s actually what kind of prompted this. Thinking about the tshirts of our parents and how we don’t have that kind of protection as adults. I’m glad you had it as a child. πŸ™‚


  2. I loved your painted drawings that could be you or me, or someone else. It made so much sense that you didn’t make any facial expressions, although to wear one’s mother’s or father’s shirt would bring all kinds of warm, fuzzy feelings of love from most of us blessed folks who had good parents. This was lovely, Colleen!


  3. You were lucky to find this refuge, Colleen. On the flip side, I remember when I got some green Skechers when they first came out, and my daughter, then about 4, would not rest at night until she got some green sneaks just like her dad. We stood out in the front yard with our matching green sneaks on as proud as could be, both of us!


  4. What a wonderful thought, Chatter Master… Truly.

    But may I ask? Why is it when a woman puts on her man’s shirt, it’s romantic but when a man puts on his lady’s dress it’s………….. πŸ™‚


    • Thank you Koji.

      But to answer your question….. I don’t know. Maybe because it has a complete opposite visual impact. Where the “him” shirt is usually much bigger on the “her”, and the “her” shirt on “him” usually smaller and tighter….and funnier. πŸ™‚


  5. Oh so true! I do remember when it was so easy to hide behind the comfort and protection of parents! Then we get a little older and we don’t want that armor any more. We discard it for our independence…and then comes the time you’d you’d do anything to go back and feel that comfort and security once again! What sweet illustrations, Colleen.


  6. Colleen, This post just made me smile. I sure hope one of my shirts was indeed Full Body Armour for Allison, just as I hope Cari has found hers’ in Stu pile of shirts. But this must be a girl thing, because I have zero memories of any of my father’s cloths having any such impact on me.. Or maybe it’s just me. Smiling, I know sometimes even today Allison will leave with one of my teeshirts, and it does make me smile. Take care, Bill


  7. Another wonderful post, CM. It made me a little teary eyed, remembering those days. Today has had its challenges and it would be wonderful to curl up in a comfy chair wearing such armor at the end of it.
    I love your drawings. πŸ™‚


    • πŸ™‚ Isn’t it amazing Thomas, what gives us that kind of protection? I suspect others may get the same kind of feelings from something a friend or relative said to them over the years. I hope you can reflect on things others have said to you over the years and bring forth the feelings of empowerment or protected love you may have gotten from it. I know from your posts that there were times in your life you needed that. And I hope you did get it.


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