My True Colors

I don’t feel an obligation to tell everything about myself to the entire world.

But prepare yourself for my true colors.

They aren’t always pretty.

Some people may never see it.

The people I trust the most, sadly, see it.

Years ago I shared something with my children that I had been taught in a college classroom:  “we choose our anger”.    So they constantly throw that up to me.   That I choose to be angry.

And yes, sometimes I choose to be downright angry.

Anger is kind of like a fart sometimes, better out than in.   I am aware that how you let that anger out is very important.  People shouldn’t be hurt.

No peoples were hurt in the prompting of this writing.   But  I cannot say the same thing about that desk, or the phone, or the atmosphere….

My True Colors



40 thoughts on “My True Colors

  1. I feel a complete person needs to show their anger. It is a natural response to life’s difficulties and challenges. Also, occasionally I have been in marriage counseling, so I have learned that I must express myself, sometimes I do even now that I am divorced! Ha ha! I would embrace you, on the spot, no matter what outrage or temper you showed, because I believe I do know your ‘true colors’ and they are ‘beautiful’ as Cyndi Lauper so aptly sings! Hugs, Robin


    • 🙂 Thank you Robin. I had a marriage counselor tell me once that when my husband (now ex) got mad I had to let him storm off. I said okay, when do we get to talk and resolve whatever it is he’s angry about. The counselor told me I didn’t get that option. Husband felt very smug about that. Not sure if he remembers that once we got divorced. And thank you, I love that song!


      • I think that my counselor may have been more ‘on target’ in that she said the right to have a scheduled ‘review of the day which caused anger’ was before the sun set. I like this, it is even in the Bible, “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger…” (not sure where it is or if that is just a proximity of the actual quote!) But, in essence I was married to a passive aggressive person who knew it frustrated me, so he with held that discussion for days, sometimes! I could not bear ‘not knowing what I had done wrong.’ Funny, somehow, I think you and I have parallel paths that cross in some areas! That song is one that makes me smile, Colleen!


        • OH!!!! the hours, days, if not years that I lamented on trying to get someone to tell me why he was mad at me. I was WELL in to my thirties before I finally thought….hmmm. Well if you don’t want me to know it must not matter and I’m not begging, you’re not telling, so …there. And that was about the end of a marriage. The counselor he saw ONCE did not do him any favors. I certainly didn’t blame him for getting mad, we all do, but the silent treatment and not caring enough to tell me what he was angry about…. eh. Well. Things have changed. But I still feel bad about this kind of stuff.


    • Hahahahahaha! Ducking and holding! I’m good at the outburst. Fortunately I’m also good at explosion recovery. I used to recover so quickly the kids would get confused wondering why I was mad. .. wait she isn’t mad.


  2. Unexpected analogy/metaphor…but I have to agree with it. And despite the negativity of anger (poor desk though) this was funny. 🙂 Seriously cannot emoticon too much on that. It does have to come out, but it has a nice balance of laughter at the end. 🙂


  3. Farts. Ha! Why is it the word fart always makes us laugh? Even my 6 month old laughs whenever he “toots.” Maybe when we get really angry – we should all be reminded of your fart analogy… and then we would laugh, instead?!

    But seriously – anger is part of the human experience. For me, as long as I apologize to those who got in the path – life goes on. The stench fades… And if you’ve managed to clear the room, you can start fresh! 🙂


  4. Colleen, While we may choose our anger, most of us do so witu purpose or because of a purpose, or because we need to just explode. Things impact us. and we can’t nor should we try to stiffle our anger. We do have a choice in how we display it, and I believe that is your saving grace. How and when you choose to display that anger. Hell you can’t be perky all the time. Take care, Bill — I did love the fart line


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