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Tess from “How The Cookie Crumbles” sent me a request.  It’s not an award.  It’s a sharing of information on the process of writing.  I’m hoping no one is hoping to gleam any sense of ‘how to’ from me.  It’s a blog meme.  And if this is any indication of how clueless I am after almost five years of blogging, I had to look up what “meme” meant.

 What am I working on at the moment?

Nothing.  Everything.   At the start of this I have exactly 500 drafts started.  Of something.  Often times I’ll get a thought or start the retelling of a story.  I’ll write down what’s in my head.  And then leave it.  Because I can’t finish it or I have nothing but that thought or that phrase running through my head.  And I want to save it.   There are the occasions when I have the time a fire of energy coursing through me and I may have a blog or two scheduled ahead of time to post.  But more often, I do not.  Most often I sit down and just write.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My work differs…..  Uhm.   First, I don’t consider it work.  Though it takes a huge amount of my time every day.  I suppose the biggest difference is I don’t know what my genre is.  Sometimes I write thoughts about something that struck me during the day.  Or struck me the moment I sat at the computer.  Sometimes I write something from my past that came crashing back in a wave of nostalgia.   Sometimes I doodle something and it makes me think of a phrase.  If I draw a stick figure leaning up against something I might look at it and it makes me think of watching the world spinning around me.   Or I see someone swimming and the thought “swimming in tears” comes to my mind and I think of how a pool of tears might be created and it just might be created by me when I send ill thoughts or words out in to the world.  My ‘work’ is a hodge podge of thoughts and observations that I reign in and play with in my head.  Or play with on the computer until it takes the shape of something.  Sometimes it takes the shape of nothing.  And it sits in my drafts.  Maybe to be visited another day.   And it may prompt another thought.  I write prose (seldom poetry).  I have written stories both fiction and factual.  I contemplate.   Is that genre?  I reflect.  Is that a different one?  I guess my genre is eclectic.

Why do I write what I do?

Not to be blase, or over simplify things, but I write because words live in my head.  They live, they fight, they scurry and banter about.  They multiply.   And I enjoy the constant challenge to make sense of them.  I write because I feel despair at the state of the world.  I write because I feel joy at the love in the world.  The love in my life.  I write because I know that there are things I am meant to write.   And sometimes I write because I am avoiding writing the things that I know I am meant to write about.  I write because I want to write, I love to write, and I write because I need to write something.   And sometimes I’m not ready to write what I should be writing.

How does my writing process work?

I chuckle, trying to write and explain how my writing process works.

I can’t explain it to me.  Sometimes, and quite honestly most times, I sit down to write because I physically need to.  But I don’t know what I am going to write about.  Sometimes pure inspiration writes through me.  It pours out and there it is.  Often I will write something and go back later and read something I wrote.  Amazed.  Because as I read it it is as if I am writing it all over again.  My head and my body react to it as if I am sitting there writing it.   There are times where I jot a thought down, preferably on paper.  Or send myself an email or text because I don’t want to forget something that came in to my head.  There is no method or practice or discipline to my writing.   Other than I sit and write every single chance I get during the day.

I’m supposed to pick three bloggers to do this exact same thing.  Share.  Share your process.  Obviously when we receive awards and requests such as this we have the ability to accept the challenge or not.  And I’m not sure who enjoys doing this type of process.   I was surprised when it came to actually answering these questions, I had to stop and ponder.  And the fact that I truly don’t feel I have a process didn’t surprise me.  But I am surprised that I don’t know how to adequately express this.  I am curious to know how someone who writes disciplined and scheduled, how does your process work.  Instead of me asking three bloggers to do this I would rather three or many more who are interested in responding to this, please do it!  Though I don’t find my process interesting, I am interested in someone else’s.  Especially if they feel there is a process.   I hope someone likes this and writes a response on their blog, and links it to mine in the comments.  If you do this, please pick other bloggers, or ask other bloggers, to share their processes.  

Thank you Tess!!!

34 thoughts on “Blogging Meme

  1. See. Well done! For all the reasons you like to write to sort out thoughts or simply to plan a post or not, this wasn’t a difficult undertaking, was it?
    Yes, I will never tire of reading how everyone else in the world approaches writing for any reason at all. Thank you for inviting us into your world of writing. ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. We have the same ‘process’ as well. Isn’t it the very best thing to go back and read a draft you’ve written and feel amazed. It’s surreal, as I think writing is either an out of body experience or a deeply inwardly experience. Neither of which can be controlled or stopped. Wonderful post, Colleen! All the best! ~Karen~


    • 🙂 Thank you Paulette. I’m amazed at those who have processes. I read about writers of the past and their “disciplines”. I think if I wrote for a living, or retired and wrote, I may have more of a discipline set in place. Only because if I didn’t I would sit all day and write. I would have to build in some stops and LIFE. 🙂


  3. I think my process is similar to yours in that I don’t really have one. For me it can be words or it can be an image. Usually they go together some how, but not always.
    I enjoyed reading about your process, such as it is. It’s good to know I’m not the only one with lots of drafts (most of which might come to nothing, but you never know!).


    • We don’t know, do we Robin. Sometimes I have the oddest statement or sentence that just keeps running through my head. So I write it down. It may be months or years before I read it and it suddenly forms in to something. Funny how that works.


  4. I never think my stuff is that good and every time I hit that button I am nervous. I still do it though because it gives me pleasure in a strange kind of way and I always am thinking my grandkids will love it after I am gone. Is that strange?


    • Oh LexiesNana, I get that. THere is a nervousness to every time we hit that button. And we do it because of and in spite of that! And I hope so deeply that my grandkids will one day read my words and know so much more about me, and about themselves. Thank you. It is not strange at all.


  5. Colleen, I am going to take those four questions give them serious thought, and then post them back in your comments. It will take a day or 5 for me to so, but I will. I found your answers to be quite interesting. The fact you have 500 potential posts in storage in mind boggling to me. I haven’t even come up with 500 posts. Hell at any given moment I only at best 3 or 4 ideas for posts, 500 escapes me LOL. I look forward to this, and look forward to sharing my results with you. Please take care, Bill


  6. Very cool!

    You can always send the questionnaires my way. I’m pretty sure my answers will be………….interesting! Yeah! That’s it! Interesting!


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