We Need Giants

I am only bigger than you –  temporarily.


I hope to remain larger in your life – eternally.

Only Temporary

Look how little.

Her Hand

Not always will it be-

Today's Hands

The same in comparison to mine.

Large Memory Forever

One day

I hope to live forever large

In your memory.

One Of My Giants

We all need giants in our lives.

Mine live on.

Larger than ever.

42 thoughts on “We Need Giants

  1. What a sweet sentiment. Often times we forget about the giants in our lives. The ones that are truly giant in life. Thanks for the reminder to not only cherish those moments we have with our giants – but to continue to make moments with those that think we are giants. 🙂


  2. Colleen, You started my day with a big smile, gosh I love you, I love your stick people, I love the words you surround them with, the thoughts the energy, the purpose. Youi continue to be my shining hero with a cape that looks a lot like a backpack. Take care, Love Bill


  3. Ahhh… Beautiful. I’m lucky to have so many of these wonderful giants – both here and gone. Interesting to wonder if I’ll ever be a giant to someone else… Thank you!


  4. This was absolutely wonderful, Colleen. I treasure those little one’s fingers! Also, the eyes that shine and glow with eagerness of being with the ones who are Giants. I have a few Giants that ‘live on’ within me forever. Really only have one living left. The way you did this captured so much, Colleen!


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