I Don’t Care Who You Are

People seem to like stories more than anything else when they read.  Today I am going to tell you a lot of stories.  Without telling you a single story.  I’m hoping by reading this you think of someone else’s story, or relate to a story of your own.   Through the power of living life with emotion.

There are some things in life that should make you tremble with emotion.  This isn’t a list.   And it certainly isn’t all encompassing.  I hope for every set of eyes that honors me with the time it takes to read this, there is an additional experience that has been lived and can be shared.  I don’t want to exist without the power these should evoke.

Instrumental music that beats with the rhythm of your heart.

Lyrics that came from someone else’s experience that were ripped from your very life.

Anyone suffering  with, living with, or dying from cancer.

Anyone suffering with, living with,  or dying from anything painful and debilitating.

Suffering.  Just suffering.

Meanness and cruelty.

Love lost.

Love found.

Kindness shared.   Kindness given and kindness accepted.


Peaceful death.  Where someone falls in to a comfortable sleep and awakens in the presence of angels.   Or a beautiful light of love and acceptance.  Whatever your belief is.

Tiny stumbling first steps.

First kisses.

Last kisses.

Any kiss.

Mountains climbed!

Falling down.

Not staying down!

Prayers for peace.

Hard work.

Deserved rest and play!

Someone giving up.

Someone refusing to succumb.

Saying goodbye.

Saying hello after long absences.




Love, reignited.

Sacrifice for others.

People or countries at war.

People or countries who commit to peace and accept differences.

Acceptance and tolerance even if there is not an understanding.

That moment when the light of the sun breaks through the barrier at the edge of the earth.

That moment when the light of day is swallowed whole and completely by the earth needing rest.

Chocolate ice cream with solid ribbons of peanut butter frozen inside.

I don’t care who you are.   Some things in life should provoke and evoke powerful emotions.   A panorama of emotions .   Joined with the force of laughter and joy.   Life experienced without the impact of these emotions is motion without purpose.

I don’t care who you are.  You need to cry, to laugh, to combine these with the actions of life.

Oh my God, just live!  Feel it and experience it and express it!  Life is raw.  It is meant to be experienced newly and differently by every single one of us.  

I don’t care who you are.

You deserve it.

It’s hard to come across a life that exists without emotion.   There’s not much story without emotion.