31 thoughts on “When They Don’t Understand

  1. ((Hugs)) Your level of compassion and caring shines through every day, but especially in situations like these.

    You do what you can , with the tools that you have, but just admitting this shows how deeply you care on the “human” level.


  2. Sometimes you have to do the job because you know it must be done, Colleen. The people on the other end … they won’t always appreciate it, we know that. I hear your pain, my friend, and I know you know the rules of the game.


  3. As a Person With Dementia still able to read (up to slightly lower than 6th-grade) I want to say “Thank you”. I can’t really follow what is going on but I can tell that it hurts and you are trying to do the best for people you care about. Thanks. My read/write abilities took a recent crash, but you said you might want to check other’s blogs. Mine is at http://www.truthfulkindness.com. Truthful Loving Kindness is my full legal name because it reminds me what I want my life to be about — not my disabilities.


    • Thank you Truthful Loving Kindness. We all should learn from you. To realize what our lives are about….not what each of our disabilities are. I admire this greatly. And I appreciate your feedback here.


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