That Sign That You Need

Some people may not believe in ‘signs’.   I respect that.   I can’t say I believe in everyone else’s signs.  Sometimes though, signs are just there.   And it’s up to us to read them or not.  Of course, our interpretation is key to the meaning of the sign.   Personally I don’t believe in negative signs or omens.  I mean, if we have an option to believe or not believe, and pick and choose what it is we want to see or not see, I choose to not see something that is going to make me believe I will be doomed or damned.   I have no  problem holding my hands over my eyes and bouncing around blindly.  It has worked for me thus far in life.

Though I turn a blind eye to negative posted signs.

I keep my eyes wide open in regards to other things.

Today I took my open eyes on a walk.  All by my big-girl self.  I seldom, stress seldom, ever have time for solitude.  So I took my camera.  Determined to go for a walk and take pictures of a covered bridge.  It’s less than half a mile from me.  Why not walk myself over there.  And practice some picture taking skills.  As I walked to the bridge I admit I was trying to walk off some frustration.  Stupid frustrations that frolicked in my head for no other reason than to annoy me.   As I approached the bridge I was stunned to see people gathering in it and around it.  And photographers there.  Never, in over four years of walking or biking to that bridge, have I ever seen photographers and groups of people being photographed, at that bridge.

I couldn’t be angry though now could I.   I walked on past.  I thought I would walk past, circle around, and come back from the other side of the creek.

So I got to walk a little further.   And when I crossed the little foot bridge and turned  to go back, I saw a deer waiting for me.   She let me approach.  She let me take pictures.  Thank you people on the covered bridge.   This gave me a different perspective.  I had to practice patience.  And slinking.  As I slunk closer to her.

Finally she became bored with me and sauntered off.

I moved on, back towards the bridge.  They were still there.

I sat on some bleachers.

My frustrations were still there.   You know how that is.  Thoughts and ‘oh bothers’ that just pounce on you for no reason.  The weight of such things tend to pull your head down.   When I can remind myself to do so- I look up.

And I did.

Look up.

And there it was.

Heart of Love

Perfectly up and ahead and in front of me.

Talk about signs.

Funny thing is though….  not for one minute did I think it was for me.  I raised the camera and took a couple of shots and immediately thought of who might need this.   And I knew it wasn’t for me.

But for someone else who needs it.

So here it is.

That sign that you need.

As soon as I saw it.  I thought of you.  Which makes it your sign.  Not mine.

The best thing about seeing something good-is knowing when it’s meant for someone else.

You know who you are.

48 thoughts on “That Sign That You Need

  1. You just passed that sign on to 100 people who need it, Colleen. That is your special gift as you learn how slink and approach a deer and be patient with people who show up out of nowhere on a covered bridge that is practically yours. What a great day you had, you and your camera and picture-taking skills, my friend.


    • Thank you Dear One’s Husband. 😉

      I was actually pretty proud of myself for not getting angry about the bridge. I mean, what ARE the odds? And you’re right, I did have a great day. 🙂 Thank YOU friend (that always sounds good 🙂


  2. Colleen, I suspect that was a sign for the ages, and included you. We all need a little love, and it doesn’t matter were it comes from. The need is always in our heart. But so much like you, you captured a bit of it to immediately share, and I for one thank you, just remember that a touch of that sign was specificially designed for you. Take care, Love Bill


  3. I think walks are always good to help get some of the knots out of our thoughts. I like that you were that close to a deer. I also love the heart shaped cloud. I think that I have strong beliefs that we are blessed. I give credit for those signs to Him above, but He does seem to give me a lot of special moments, views of beauty and light. They may not be signs, they may be gifts, Colleen!


  4. Well, that’s just awesome. That would have made my day for sure!

    This weekend, while we were camping, a bluebird landed in our campsite (my favorite bird – it always makes me think of the “bluebird of happiness”). It landed in the midst of the frustration of setting up camp, getting the fire started, keeping the baby happy, and getting ready to feed him… So much to do in such a small amount of time. Things didn’t feel very “fun” at the moment…

    Then a bluebird of happiness appeared. I took a deep breath and decided it was time to be in the moment and laugh at the chaos. It worked!

    I forgot about that moment until I read your post. Thanks for reminding us of the little signs… They’re so important! (Especially when we take the time to notice!)


    • Bluebirds make me smile too! I have a glass blue bird right in front of me. Next to the regal red cardinal.

      I’m glad the bluebird took away the frustration and replaced it with the joy of the moments. His first camping trip. First camping trip with rain! And first camp fire. 🙂 What a great start to have another life love nature. 🙂


  5. Holy crap!was not expecting that ending!
    You should keep such things for yourself once in awhile
    But sharing is nice too!
    Needed this blog!’n


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. And since you needed it, then it must have been meant for you! I did get to keep part of it. Don’t we get something in return every time we make someone else feel something good? 😉


  6. You know in cartoons how characters will have a little devil or a little angel on their shoulder? I wish I could have a little you on mine. That sounds creepy…………. but I just mean that my life would be improved by your brand of insights steadily flowing in my ear. Still creepy? *sigh*


    • I’ll swap my creepy little me for your creepy little you, shoulder size versions, and we will give each other those little pushes. You inspire me to feel free to be brave and wild and a little crazy (ninja style). 😉 If creepy is bad….I’m okay with it! I mean… in THIS sense. !


  7. I love both of the signs–I am counting the deer as a sign. Love, love, love it (need to find another word at some point, just that well timed and needed, thanks so much for passing it on!) 🙂


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