But A Heartbeat

From one heart beat – to the next

Exists room for




And prayer.

The heart beats

And you know nothing

But imagine everything.

You remember.

You picture life changed.

Emergency Room

But the heart beats again.

And prayer is answered.

Comfort is received.

And you picture life changed again.

With gratitude.

38 thoughts on “But A Heartbeat

  1. Sometimes when I’m in my car and I have a close call with another car, then I keep on driving, then I think to myself that I actually died like in one of those cheesy movies, except I’m kind of joking with myself. That’s what this blog reminds me of. Is that completely bizarre?


  2. Ah you described very well the heartache of young Daniel last year. Will he get off the ventilator, will his mom ever hear him speak again? Then we get a reprieve, if only for a little while.


  3. Collleen this is so so very true. Again you have gotten to the core, and it viewable by even those with the thickest of skins. Your uniqueness keeps me spellbound. Thank you, Bill


  4. oh, so early in the morning I am smacked (albeit in your MUCH funerer manner) by fear and enoughness for the second day of my paying attention to those words and that concept

    I’ve had it for a while but ‘forgot’ what it was called and that while I am powerless over the situation, I CAN notice it and work on it and even maybe shift my perspective so that I can myself, be more manageable. Yesterday I felt chided, but gratitude or ecstatic latching onto a concept that I can understand and take some action upon, had me go into rote activity. The result of this was doing one very small thing at a time. Three things that went up in my prayer and that I think that I stopped spinning about, were taken care of, answered, concluded. I am grateful for this.

    My spinning head though, this morning is trying to amass a new impossible list to spin over. And, then here is your post 😀
    Funny and made me cry at once. Fear and gratitude coming out sideways looks that way on me! Perhaps sticking to my appointments and staying out away from papers, phone and computer today, while keeping my body as busy as I am able will help me to escape it! Doh, there is that word escape. I could change it to ‘manage it’ however I really do truly at this moment mean escape. I wonder then, if there are healthy ways of escape or if this drunk can use anything to get away from anything. I want to also add that after stepping away and taking care of me a bit by not overwhelming myself, I am better able to come back toward the unpleasant and the scary and get to working on the next grain or pebble or stone on the road. Perhaps then it’s not escape but fortification.

    Thank you God (and you–for being a vessel) for the message!


  5. Once again you have captured so much emotion and scenery in your words. I am constantly in awe at how you are able to do this so perfectly each time.


  6. So profoundly true, Colleen. Love your drawing. This touched all recesses of my being…the very next thing that popped into my head was – “there but for the grace of God go I.” Thanks for a multitude of thought… ❤


  7. I think the heart is an amazing organ that we attribute our love and our emotions coming from. I love the idea that between beats, that possibly there may not be a next one… which means that we need to make that heart beat count! Gratitude for our lives, that is what I take from this special message today, Colleen!


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