The Me I Am

I don’t have to go back in time to tell her it will get better.  She must have known something.   Because here I am.
Looking Back
And she got me here.  I’m pretty sure I don’t believe in time travel.   But I can’t help but wonder.  Did I, in some way, manage to reach back to her and say “it will be okay and you will be amazed at what life has in store for you”.    Did I do that?
Talk To Her
Or did I reach forward and just know.  Just feel.  That life is good.   That there are good people.  That bad things happen to just about every one of us.   And that we can live happy and well and be stronger despite, if not because, of the bad things that happen.
Reach Back Reach Forward
I don’t know if I  some how managed to reach back or reach forward.  I don’t think it possible that I only lived for that moment that I was.   I had to have known.   That child me.  Had to have known –   I had value.   My value was inside of me all along.
That child I was morphed in to this me I am.
Like all children should.
I always was.
It just took me longer to reach me.


29 thoughts on “The Me I Am

  1. Colleen, Without question you have reach backwards and forwards, and truth be told it ‘s still an ongoing journey. And not do you have value to you, you have a great deal of value to me. Thanks – Bill


  2. I like the idea of being able to reach your earlier self to reassure her, let her know she was worthy of being loved. You are wonderful to share this love with all of us, helping us all to grow closer to our own inner child.


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