The Hand Of A Man

This little baby hand

Baby Hand

Will some day be the hand of a man.

A strong man.

At some point we will pass one another.

He growing up.

Me growing old.

We won’t mark the moment that it happens.

But it will.

And when we pass

The power of my hand

Will pass to this man.

I’ll guide him as long as I can.

Until he becomes a man.

Then he can cut my grass.


And take out my trash!

42 thoughts on “The Hand Of A Man

  1. Colleen, This post meant so much to me, I will be writing one soon about Cari and I, and the trust we share. The post will be framed around a picture of us holding hands. Thank you plesae take care, Bill


  2. Colleen, this really touched my heart. I had a day with 6 grandchildren all going to school today. I got texted the first day pictures while I was at work. Even the little precious 3 year old went to preschool for her first time! I am saddened that none are babies still, but they are so special and I know as I grow older, so will they. I will pass them, reach for them and be so glad they are part of my life. Your last comments lightened the mood, for which I am also grateful for! Hugs!


  3. I too was thinking it was going to be a sad twist of some young lad growing old…and here it is about passing on the chores….I love it. πŸ™‚


  4. Well done grandkids! I love the ending, and just all of the love was so warm to read. A real man, a loving man…no substitute really. Glad you have humor with it as well. So sweet πŸ™‚


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