49 thoughts on “Drama Free Zone

  1. I want to borrow that door. Excellent post. I remember hearing Maya Angelou talk once and mentioned someone entered her home with a bad attitude to which she replied (paraphrase) you can leave that attitude outside. You are welcome it is not. Yours reminded me of that. 🙂


  2. I have some family members that I’d love to send that to! Unfortunately, they would insist they do not bring drama or cause drama and I’m just way too sensitive. Of course they also wonder why I don’t see them very often either!



    • 😉 Thank you Jen! Make sure it’s the right “D.Q.” Over here we have “Dairy Queen” which is a chain store of “fast food and ice cream”. They make the “blizzards” which I am very fond of. THAT DQ is welcome. 🙂


  3. Colleen, why can I bring my drama .. with me??!!!! My drama is a part of me … it doesn’t mean I will open my drama on the other side of your door.
    I wish there was drama free zones – but we can’t leave something of us behind, but we don’t have to share the drama inside your world. *smile
    Lovely post .. that rise questions with me.


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