I Trust Rocks

Trust is a funny thing.   That’s just a thought for the day.

I did something I seldom ever do.  Today, I went by myself and had an afternoon of solitude.

It was amazing.

I took my backpack.  My Clif Bar, my cold beverage of fizzy flavored water.  My camera.

And me.

Conkle Hollow

I went some place that promised color and darkness and straight lines and mazes.  And part of the beauty of today was that every step I took further in to the darkness of hollows and caves and trees blocking the sunlight-I felt lighter.   Better.  I felt incredible.


I didn’t think about anything I left behind me in the world.  And walked and meandered and traipsed back and forth where ever I wanted.  I didn’t trip over anyone.  I didn’t have to ask if anyone else minded.  And I didn’t have to feel bad about not doing something I wanted to do because someone else didn’t.   Sounds a bit ridiculous.  But sometimes that alone is a huge burden, or hurt, or frustration.   Sometimes it isn’t.  But sometimes it is.


So I walked.  And walked.  I imagined life before our times now.  I imagined living here myself!  I imagined living in this environment felt like I could easily adjust to living here.  Where dark is dark.  Light is light.  Things grow.  The sounds are natural or the silence is the music.


I didn’t think about anything that I’ve been thinking about.  Or worry about anything I’ve been worrying about.   Seemed like unnecessary baggage to carry in.


I smelled the earth.   Appreciated the blue when it snuck through the tree tops.  I was a little jealous of the strength of the rocks.  I didn’t want to leave.  But I had to.

DSC_0144And when I got home I was amazed to find that the things I had not carried with me all day were still right there waiting for me.   Remember when I said trust is a funny thing?  I think when I left I trusted all was good with certain things, it wasn’t.   When I was alone I trusted that the incredible feeling of being where I was would go with me when I went home.   It didn’t.

Though I am still naive enough to be shocked when my trust is tested, or humiliated….  I still believe.  I believe I will go back to recapture that feeling.   And I believe one day I will learn more about trust.

But I wouldn’t trust that.


But I do trust my solitude.

No worries world.  Life is good.  Just playing with the word trust because something minor happened that shocked me.  But didn’t shake me up.   Don’t you sometimes still get a shock when you realize you can’t trust everything you think you can?  😉


54 thoughts on “I Trust Rocks

  1. I trust (and anticipate) that your experience will inspire others to revel in solitude… in the majestic presence of other sentient beings. So happy you chose to do this, Colleen. Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂


  2. It sounds like a wonderful adventure, Colleen. Thank you for sharing it with us. Nature, peace, and you. That sounds like a great recipe for you and many others. May you put your trust in worthy places.


    • You’re welcome Russ. I love your line: “may you put your trust in worthy places.” It really addresses my need to fulfill solitude needs and to be mindful of who and what and how to trust. Thank YOU.


  3. Mmmm. . . I loved being on that walk with you. I could feel my own stress just washing away (walking away). But yes, I can sympathize on how discordant it is to come home and have reality just smack you up. Sorry about that, but at least you have a wonderful memory to think about when the stress gets too bad.



    • 🙂 Thank you Nancy. And I do indeed have a wonderful memory. And future ones to make. Having places to go and knowing just being there will make me feel better. It’s amazing what a change in sounds and sights can do for us.


  4. I took a long bike ride recently, I was by myself for hours on the open back country roads. I was so alone, thought of nothing scary or worrisome; I felt so tall, strong and powerful; I felt free. I was so alone I was able to see and hear things I rarely get the chance to experience.
    I did not expects troubles to be gone when I returned, but I do trust a long bike ride empowers me to face the next burden.
    Love ur blogs !


  5. “Don’t you sometimes still get a shock when you realize you can’t trust everything you think you can?”

    Yes, definitely so. That’s when those moments of solitude and nature help.

    (Ps, totally silly question… what flavor Clif bar?)


  6. You are inspiring. A few days ago I did the same thing…got lost in the woods and these mountains away from everything. It was exactly what I needed to recharge my mind, body and spirit. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.


  7. Nothing like a walk in the woods to free your brain. It’s a scientific fact, I heard, that a nature walk is soothing and calming for what ails you. It doesn’t make your problems disappear but it is cleansing and invigorating. 🙂


  8. Glad you were able to get away from it all and appreciate nature, Colleen! Trust is a funny thing indeed, and it’s wonderful that you were able to reflect on trust as a topic while including so many wonderful pictures in this post.


  9. You did something I can’t. You went off alone to discover what is around you, as well as yourself. I have too much fear to do that–I suppose you could say that I don’t trust myself. One day…I will conquer that fear too. Wonderful post!


    • Truth be told April, I had planned on going somewhere else. I woke up with a splitting headache that I had all day. I almost talked myself out of going anywhere because of the headache. I opted for closer to home, so this is where I went. And I am so glad I did. I was completely unknown and safe and interacted with who I wanted to interact with. And found solitude even among people. One day you will definitely do this! 🙂


  10. Weird it shows I’ve been following you but I’ve not been getting post updates. I thought you had stopped blogging for now. I have not been ignoring your posts. I will refollow. I better check your other one too…

    I’ve gone private now but I’m continuing to blog although I’m still trying to take that break…lol Feel free to send me a follow request if you want too.


  11. Colleen, Your mind is so beautifuil, that you can trust. What a wonderful post. I so mich enjoy the journies you take on. I love experiencing the world thru your eyes and your thoughts, I understand your expectations and recognize your reality. I was never much for hiking, but I completely get where your mind goes when your off on one of your trips. Thank you for taking me along. Take care, Bill


    • Bill you are welcome ANY time. My trips are becoming more about what is waiting for me and me being willing to see it than about what I am looking for. I have long known I don’t know what I’m looking for. So I’m changing my perspective a little bit (Eric touched on it just now!).

      I’m glad you’re along for the ride! Or walk!


  12. Beautiful place! I hope it all settles soon. Trust is a funny thing, but without it things are worse I feel. I am glad you have not given up on trust and I know it will come around too. 🙂


  13. Wow, Colleen … has been taking images!! Wonderful .. I would have loved to do that walk with you .. over the soft moss … and through the stillness. Colleen, I think you love rocks, because you’re a massive rock yourself.
    I’m an ocean person … and I love floating away … and coming back .. floating away and coming back.


  14. I don’t think for me it is where I walk but that I am walking alone that gives me comfort. The walk itself is a blessing and the solitude is so comforting. Also everything is right where it was just as you say but sometimes with much less dust. Beautiful post .


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