37 thoughts on “Where Is Your Bridge of Dreams

  1. Colleen, Damn if I know, I would look forward to it given more time. But it is hard for me to have any long term dreams. Each day when I wake, another short term dream starts, and I proceed from there. Take care


  2. This can go so many dimensions, I view it as passing from our world into the next. I also enjoy the thought of dreams, travel and mystery involved in the passage into the unknown. So, this is a very interesting post, with quite a challenge to my ‘fried’ end of day, brain, Colleen! Smiles and hugs, to you!


  3. Well shit
    First I have to get out of the dungeon
    Second Raise my chin off my chest
    Third Put one foot in front of the other
    Fourth steal that damn courage from the lion
    Fifth stop ….
    This is going to take me awhile…
    Sometimes I can’t find the dreams because
    I hide them so well under all my baggage
    This one Makes me think….


  4. I can picture myself standing there and wondering what will happen if I make the choice to go ahead…Scarey and exciting. There is possibility for growth but also feeling very uncomfortable! I think these things keep us going. Have a super day!


  5. Wonderful post, Colleen … I think we have a daily bridges to pass, more than one … sometimes we do it without notice – sometimes we have massive problems to walk across.
    If it’s only the bridge of dreams – I think that some we should take head on and some we should just keep for feel good, not every bridge need to be passed, those that we need for comfort we should stay on the side we are standing on. *smile


      • I truly with you – some dreams we should keep as dreams … because that makes our tough days a little softer in the edges.
        And we don’t have for fulfill all dreams and we don’t have to live like every day is our last.

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