We The People

Of the United States of America

Are the blight on –

The curse of –

The detriment of –

This country.

We The People of the United States of America

Are the answer for –

The potential of –

The builders of –

This country.

Which are you?

You destroy it with action.

Or you build and improve it by action.

You love it despite it’s flaws.

And strive to not be one of the flaws.

Don’t use your rights as an excuse to make your demands  of this country.

Use your rights to demand more of yourself to make this a better country.


Stand taller, with dignity and respect, over that which needs changed.

34 thoughts on “We The People

  1. Honestly, this gives me cause to think. While I want to say that I am loyal and patriotic, there are so many times that I am disappointed with it’s decisions which I guess is, what brings me to your conclusion…the need to bring about change.


  2. Colleen, I proudly stand with you and salute this country and you. These are remarkable words, that should be the cornerstone for each of us. We have for so long allowed our leaders to stuff their pockets at our expense, and at the cost of our countries respect. Now is indeed the time to gather together to effect change and get our country back on the right track. Thanks — take care, Bill


  3. We need to do everything possible to save this country from socialism (today we are going to it and general decline in all aspects of life)! Everyone must vote for pragmatic leaders who can bring jobs and close borders!


  4. Hear! Hear! (Which, I just read, is “an abbreviation for “hear, all ye good people, hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say!” ~ From The Straight Dope)


  5. So true. I love this country and it is a country of people…we all have our flaws (human beings after all, but we can learn from our mistakes, grow), and we can (and have in the past) united to make things better for all. I confess, as a moderate, it has been hard to see the division created by extremes on both ends.


    • It’s so difficult to watch and feel helpless. I think there are many who would work to make change but feel so ineffective. (I’m still reveling in the Ice Bucket Challenge and love that so MANY coming together and putting a little bit in to it adds up to so much-that makes me hopeful.)


  6. This is just fantastic, Colleen. I wish children would learn the principles of civic engagement alongside learning about their rights as Americans. I believe we do have a responsibility. I love the way you think…and your ability to express those thoughts clearly!


    • Thank you Debra. I have to say, I greatly admire parents who include civic and community service in the rearing of their children. It’s wonderful to see. I just saw a child today who was awarded a service award from her church.


  7. Colleen, we are the country … we have chosen! Then that the people we have chosen doesn’t live up what we expect after what they have promised – that is the let down. It is the same that we blame the society – but the society is US! It is down to us to make changes … to put pressure on so changes will happens, we can only do that by being united – that is were our strength is. We are more powerful than them .. because we are so many more.
    It’s our right to criticize loud .. and we should do so. And of course we should have demands on ourselves and the country we live in.
    Great post again, Colleen.


    • Thank you Viveka. We should be loud. Though “loud” doesn’t mean violent. I see violence here in criticizing, and no one is hearing the message or doing anything but riling up anger. All we see is the violence. Indeed it is up to us to make the changes.


      • It’s very difficult this with being loud and not violent – and very sad, but it seems today that it’s the way they do it. And I think it’s also the behavior from the police and army – that causes so much anger – but there is also some “rotten eggs” that join in – just for the fighting. Saw that in Belfast a couple of times. They are only there for the fighting.
        South Africa and Northern Ireland is proof that we can make massive changes if we are united, but there was violence involved there too, so sad that it has to come to that.


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