26 thoughts on “The Bridge of Day

  1. This is such a great reminder of how we cross our days, then we should move forward to the next bridge, not dwelling on the previous one. I liked the book that Andrew McCarthy wrote and I featured it in a post on bridges, using that trite but true quote, “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it” as the closing line… This one was a great movitational post for me, along with the serenity I felt in the view from the bridge, Colleen!


  2. Colleen, that was absolutely wonderful. I am not much for poetry, but so many of the folks I follow are that my tastes are being expended with or without my choice, and I am enjoying the journey. But your little poem said so much to me. Thank you, take care, Bill


    • Funny, I often have people refer to some of these writings as poetry. I think of them as staccato. Short. To the point. 😉 When I write them I don’t intent poetry. But others must read them that way. 🙂


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