The Very Very Very Bad Day

You wake up knowing you have to feed the babies.  Get them dressed.  Wait for husband to get home so you can tag team parenting and work duties.  He’ll take over the kid duty while you head off to work.


No work today.

Baby is sick and needs to get to the doctor.  You make the doctor appointment and schedule it just right  so husband can get off of work.  Drive straight home.   Pick everyone up and run to the doctor about 50 minutes away.


On the way to the doctor you get…..  Flat tired with babies in the car.   And it’s ninety degrees outside.    And the jack isn’t in the car.  And you can’t get hold of anyone to pick you up.   When you finally do get someone to take the kids back home you cancel the doctor appointment.  Husband goes back to change the tire.  Relying on your friend’s father to hustle you about.

Oh.  The bolts are stripped out.  The tire is not coming off.

Mom calls and says she’ll head over to take the baby to the urgent care since the doctor appointment was canceled.  No mom, you say.  I’ll take care of it, you say.

Husband spends four hours trying to get the tire off.  Use fill a flat.  Anything to get the car off of the side of the road.

Mom asks if she should come over.  No, you say.  I will take care of it.

Oh, then the police put the ticket warning on the car.

Then a friend comes over and takes you and the baby to urgent care.  The baby is sad because she doesn’t feel good.  Mommy is sad because baby doesn’t feel good.  Daddy is sad because Mommy is sad and baby is sad.  Baby big brother is sad because he has no idea why everyone else is sad.

Hours later the car is still on the highway.   Husband is walking to the store to get the baby’s medicine for her little sick self.  And he walks back home to get the forgotten insurance card, and back again to get the medicine.

Both of you still have to work tomorrow and repeat what was supposed to happen today.

So, mom says, what are you going to do?

Cry.  The baby cries, the toddler screams.  You cry.

Okay.  Now Mom tells you she’ll take care of it.  Mom works the phone to find out what’s out there to get this done.  She works the computer searching for the best place to call. Mom knows how to delegate.  Mom calms you down while telling her own husband to call the tow truck, who says they’ll go get the car.   Husband tells them to take it to the tire store and the tow truck driver says that’s no problem they drop cars off there all the time.  Husband says he’ll call the tire store in the morning to tell them to fix the tire.

Mom calls and tells you that Husband took care of it and  you get upset because you think you’re all grown up so you should be able to do this yourself.

Mom says it’s what parents do.

It’s what friends do when you’re in crisis mode.   Fear mode.  Help me mode. They help.

Moms and dads remember what it was like to have young babies, old cars, new bills, beginning career incomes.  Moms and dads remember what it was like to not be able to see past the moment of everything going wrong at the exact same moment.

This very very very bad day…..won’t be for long.   You hug the husband, you hug the babies.    All are safe.  All are home.  You thank the parents and the friends.

And the very very very bad day is done.

44 thoughts on “The Very Very Very Bad Day

  1. Oh Colleen the day from hell, you poor luvvy, sometimes we just CAN’T do it on our own and need help. I’m glad mum and hubby could help you out. Hope baby is better. Tomorrow there will be sunshine, tomorrow brighter. Hugs. x


  2. what a wonderful wonderful ending to a very very bad day, colleen. yes, people are around you who can, who want to, help and like you say, they understand, they’ve been there, and they do it out of love.


  3. I always looked at bad days like this – at least all the bad happened in one day. Now, a week of that is surely a reassessment of which side of the bed you are sleeping on.


  4. Lucky, lucky that as parents you live in the same town. What a day from hell. Murphy’s Law: when one thing goes wrong, let’s add so more and crank up the tension.

    Whew. Glad the day is over and hope baby is feeling better. ❤ ❤


  5. Ha, my mom was chastising me (lovingly) just the other day for doing exactly what your daughter did: “No thanks, Mom, I’ve got this handled” (when I clearly DIDN’T)… Coming up on 40 and I’m STILL learning! 😉


  6. Colleen, Been there done that, but as a young parent and as a grandparent. Such a wonderfully sad story filled with love and joy. The best thing is that someone finally ran out of sand to throw in the gears. Have a wonderful day my sweet friend. Take care, Bill


  7. I caught myself holding my breath as I read your post. What a day! WOW! And even after all the bad things that ganged up and pounced on you, you’re all safe and were reminded that people love you and have your back. I’m glad you wisely ended you day in gratitude.
    May the new day shed the bad news and keep the blessings.


  8. To which I would add, it’s not just Mom’s, Dad’s and friends. Some times, when we’re blessed even more, it can include the kindness of random strangers. They frequently enter into these very bad days and do little things that, in hindsight, were huge. 🙂

    Lovely full circle story, Colleen.


  9. I have been on the ‘giving’ end of this story, but remember the old days, too, when it was usually a friend who helped, since my parents were a few hours away. So glad it all worked out, so glad you felt needed and you weren’t having such a very, very, very bad day since you were the heroine of the story! Smiles! Hugs for all, from one of your friends, Robin


  10. This was so touching and true. I love the ending, and Mom. I hope all is well o er there sounds like it was sorted. Indeed a very, very, bad day, but a great save. Go team Mom and Dad! 🙂


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