Across The Bridge

A rock bridge.

Pretty sturdy stuff.


Solid and long lasting.

Holding up to whatever has been going on these last few bazillion years or so.

I stood my ground at one end.

And didn’t see the other end.

Taking A Walk

I may not have the courage to trust a million year old bridge.

It could fall.

Which isn’t what kept me from going across.

Rock Bridge

I didn’t want to start across it

And then freeze.

And be stuck there forever.

That could happen too.

So I went under it.

He went over it.

Across The Bridge

This great earth of ours is pretty amazing.

Stunning Earth

I mean.

It’s a bridge.

Made by nature.


That has lasted forever,

So far as forever has lasted.

Black and White Rock Bridge

Some day I’ll go back and cross it.

Nothing we’ve done as humans has lasted this long.

But really,

It’s not the bridge I don’t trust.

It’s me.