8:46 AM

We are good people.

I will not apologize to the world for the flaws and failings of some of our people.  Or some of our government.  Those flaws and failings, if apologies are needed, should come from them.

The people I know and love and work with and see in my every day life here in the United States of America are good people.

We, the people, of the United States of America are hard working, family loving and not perfect people.

There is no country perfect.   No people superior.   I suspect that there are people in every location across the world who feel like I do.   I don’t hate you.   I don’t know why there is so much hate.   I’m too busy existing and taking care of my part of the world to spend time hating on someone next door let alone thousands of miles away.   I suspect that if some people spent a little more time working on their own daily existence and the value of it, there would be a lot less time to spend on hating other parts of the world-let alone their neighbor.

The world I live in, here in the United States of America, will drop what they are doing to help one another.   And to help strangers-here and some where else.

We are good, imperfect, quiet and loud, wise and ignorant, weak and strong, loving and frustrated, brave and fearful, willing and lazy, fun loving and serious, supportive and needy, civilized and uncivilized, happy and miserable, hurt and hurtful, proud and prideful, humble and arrogant, givers and takers, people.

Just like you.

Where ever you are.

America may not be perfect.

But America is Beautiful.

God bless us.

And you.