I Don’t Believe You

I don’t believe everything everyone tells me.  I do believe a lot of what people tell me because I am somewhat gullible.  But some things I don’t believe.  You might think it would create more trust issues for me.

I don’t believe my husband when he tells me he isn’t mad at me.

I didn’t believe my children when they used to tell me they hated me.

I don’t believe my mom when she says she doesn’t have any favorites.  (wink wink).

I don’t believe my boss when she tells me to go do something.

I don’t believe my husband when he tells me he didn’t buy me anything for birthday/Christmas/anydaynoreasonneeded.

I don’t believe “people suck” rants.

I don’t believe what my birth certificate tells me.

I don’t believe my dentist when he says “a little sting Colleen”.

I don’t believe my friend when I say something stupid or hurtful and they respond “it’s okay”.

I don’t believe everyone I pass who I say “how’s it going today” to who respond “it’s great”.

I don’t believe my friends who cook dinner for us almost every Friday night that I/we will never wear out our welcome.

I don’t believe others who tell me what is good for me over what I know is good for me.

I don’t believe, for a minute, when my husband says “I was wrong you were right”.

I don’t believe anyone who says “whatever you want Colleen, that’s what we’ll do” for lunch/dinner/movie/anychoicetobemade.

I do believe in our ability to accept untruths and yet still trust people who we know to be trustworthy.  Even if they aren’t always believable.  Is every word that comes out of my mouth honest and clearly truthful?  No.   Though I try not to lie, I can’t say that I never do.   Even knowing that other’s lie to me, and I lie to others, I do believe in them.

And that, I trust.

34 thoughts on “I Don’t Believe You

  1. At first I was defensive and then you turned it into a simple honest moment of trust and faith. We are all human, flawed, well meaning. It is nice 🙂


  2. Your encapsulation of this at the end reminded me of the little “untruths” or statements my dad would make at dinner time when I wouldn’t eat my vegetables. He told me “If you don’t eat them, you’ll end up like your sister!” To me, at the time, that was the worst thing ever!


  3. Good one. I don’t think we like to admit we lie, to avoid hurting another, as perfunctory responses (the “I’m okay” stuff), and yet most of us do. It’s refreshing to read your words because you shine a light on being okay to be human, foibles and all. Who would believe the “it’s all perfect” line anyway? You made that point well. And clearly. 🙂


  4. Living in the south, as I do, you get a lot of “Hey how are you?” and of course the obligatory response is something like “I’m fine.” This is hardly ever true for me, but I say it anyway because it’s expected and when people ask me that I don’t believe that they REALLY want to know how I am. It’s being used as a form of greeting or small talk. Since I don’t really do small talk (I never have. I’m not good at it.) it took me a long time to figure that out.

    I agree with you that there are a lot of things people say to each other that are simply not true, but we accept them as a matter of course and because we want to pick our battles. At least I do. I don’t want to call someone out over a white lie like, “Yes, I love Eat,Pray,Love” when I know it’s not true. I think we do some of that just because we want to make those we love happy for that moment.


    • True, true, true! 🙂 Even though I know there are things we do not commit to be fully honest about (I’m fine! Honest) it doesn’t diminish the trust I have in very specific people.

      Wonderful comment, thank you!


  5. I tend to believe many people, whether it is good or right, I have to believe they are good and right. I have this outlook, cannot fake it, I hope for the best. I believe you, plus I believe IN you. Take care, Colleen!


    • 🙂 Good attitude Robin. I generally take people at face value. And it works pretty well for me. Not that I haven’t ever been “burnt” by that, but seldom considering how many have treated me fairly and kindly.

      🙂 Happy Saturday Robin!


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