Whether They Like It Or Not

I don’t think you should sing as if no one is listening.

I think you should sing because you need to sing.

Tonight I found myself singing because no one was listening.

And it occurred to me that I only sing when I think no one is listening.

So I don’t sing.

And that’s just wrong.

I want to sing.

Regardless of who is listening.

And whether they like it or not.

If it’s something I have to do,

Then I’m going to do it.


70 thoughts on “Whether They Like It Or Not

  1. I have on two separate occasions had someone remark on how poorly I sing, both times after I had let loose and sang because I was absorbed in the moment. Those remarks had a devastating effect on my confidence and I’m still trying to dig myself back out. So I know what it’s like to want to sing but not. Sing away, I say! I’ll join in. 😉


    • Shame on them. I’m glad you’re joining in. I know I don’t sing “well”. There’s no need to have it pointed out to me. But whether I sing well or not does not diminish the impact of music on my emotions, well being, healing, etc. It still impacts me and works through me. That says more about them, then it does your ‘ability’ to sing. 🙂 Sing !!


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