Carved In Stone

I came across this today, carved in stone:   “If I Knew Truth”.  Someone spent some time to carve that.  Someone thought it brilliant enough, important enough or thought provoking enough to carve it in stone.  If you’re going to carve something in stone I would hope it’s important, valuable, and worthy.   I wonder what the carver intended.  What the carver’s story is/was.  And if it made a difference after it was carved.


 If I knew truth.

I think, often enough, I know truth.

I’m not sure that I speak it as often as I should.  I know the truth as I think it is not always as I speak it.

I know I don’t  act on it as often as I should.  Or contradict it, because even in being someone else’s truth-it doesn’t mean it’s my truth.

And knowing a truth or knowing my own truth,  I suppose,  doesn’t mean I know “the” truth.

The truth of everything.

I think the more I wean trash thoughts and unneeded thoughts and actions and ‘things’ from my life the more truth I know.   It’s liberating when there is less doubt and confusion.   I notice the less I judge and condemn, the less I angst over, and the less I worry over things I cannot control-the clearer life seems to me.  Is this closer to the truth?

I know there is serious truth in knowing what you can and cannot control in life.

I know the truth of faith versus being told what to believe.     And I don’t just reference religion here.  The confidence of what you know is empowering.   I suppose carving something in stone is easier than holding fast and true to beliefs sometimes.   But when your faith is your absolute truth there is no way anyone could carve anything in to it.  So, there’s that truth.

I don’t know the truth.  I don’t know the carver’s truth.   I know some truths of my own.   The old adage “wisdom comes with age” might reference that as we age we actually discover more truths.   And more truths may not necessarily mean we know more stuff.  Maybe we become wiser with the understanding that we don’t know everything and we aren’t going to know everything.

Maybe the truth of it all is that there are some things that matter, some things that don’t, some things might matter for a short time but then they don’t.

And, if I knew the truth, maybe it wouldn’t be yours.

So maybe it doesn’t matter.

But…we don’t know.

What would you carve in stone?

38 thoughts on “Carved In Stone

  1. If we knew the truth, where would we be? Would we want to be there?

    There are things in my past that I have let go because I have decided the stress the answer may bring to me is not worth it. I can’t do that for everything, but for some significant things it has surprisingly worked.


    • I know what you mean about letting go. Some things I have let go and feel fantastic for doing so. Something I need to let go of but for some reason….keep batting them around in my head. Knowing if I just did away with them I would feel great.

      But truly the things I have let go of….sure clear up the clutter.


  2. I think I would not carve a darn think on somebody else’s stone, Colleen. It doesn’t look so much like the truth as much as vandalism that will never, ever go away, and that makes me a little angry, my truth be told.


    • Mark, truthfully I think like that “sometimes”. I’ve done a good bit of hiking here and in Ireland. It was in Ireland during my first visit there that I realized names and etchings in stone were centuries old. And I relished running my fingers over the carving. Imagining the world then, the person standing there. We were in the tomb at New Grange (older than the pyramids) and the guide pointed out graffiti thousands of years old. I was amazed by it. I came across a school house built in the late 1700’s that was covered in scratchings of students names for two hundred years. I wondered where they were and what happened to them.

      I am amazed at some of the carvings I’ve seen in the stones in the hikes of Ohio. I love the names, the initials. The dates!!

      What I do NOT like is the vulgar and obscene. I think mankind has been leaving their mark since the very beginning. If it tells a story or leaves behind the trace of someone who wonders about their mortality I’m intrigued.

      If it is to deface and be nasty, I too get angry.

      🙂 Thank you for your honesty Mark. I do understand. It’s whats great about classy people. Truths can be shared. And respected. I respect how you feel.


      • I am down with your take on the centuries-old names and important dates, birthdays, aniiversaries, important milestones of manking worth leaving and noting, Colleen. Indeed, deserving of carving in stone.

        On the rock on your blog, though, it looked like people writing things just to be seen. That I’m not down with, and so I honestly blew off my steam. Thank you for giving me your space for that. Of course, I will always treat your space with respect, my dear friend Colleen. That is how we roll! 🙂


        • I wondered about some of it, some of it didn’t make sense to me. And I should have taken pictures of some of the other stuff I saw carved. Some looked like “foreign” languages. And old. Much old.

          That old school house I mentioned? There were dates from the early 1800s up to the 2000s. And it was wonderful. Except for the person who thought it was funny to write their name on the bricks with silver sharpie. That did indeed seem to spoil it.

          We roll nicely on the Respect Train! 🙂


  3. I thought about the song by Johnny Cash, “What Is Truth?” It is a good one for those 70’s about why people judge books by their covers or people by their long hair. I think what you said is so great, what is truth can vary so much with our age, how we are mentally at the time, but I do think people should not ‘trash talk’ nor make others feel badly. The entertainment industry needs to be more careful of what ‘truths’ they pass on. It hurts people, it judges people by their choosing only clean cut, pretty people….
    I would write on a piece of paper, for my children to read, “I loved my kids!” That gets me teary-eyed just thinking of how that is all I wish to let them know. Hope they do. It is hard, I have one of three who is not always happy, depression is a daily trial. Hugs for this post, Colleen!


    • True true true Robin! Our truths are usually so ‘simple’ which does not diminish the value, weight and importance of them. And to get those who need to know our truths, to truly know them, is incredibly important. Thank you Robin.


  4. Colleen, I feel like I just had a lesson in philosophy! All the what if’s . . . all the unknowns we have yet to explore. As for what I would carve in stone, I’m not sure I could distill it down to a single phrase. The only thing swirling in my head now is: “She didn’t have money, but she had words.”


  5. My goodness, Colleen. This is strong. I don’t know about much these days. I was always very decisive and pretty sure that at least I knew MY truth, but I sometimes feel that my perspective shifts multiple times a day and I’m best not opening my mouth even with opinions. So carving anything in stone feels uneasy. I’ll be thinking about that one! I agree with Anka…you are a philosopher!

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    • Thank you Debra (and Anka). I dont know that I could carve in stone either. And I wouldn’t know how to carve just one thing. I suppose if there was one thing that mattered, forever, no matter who you are or what you are….it would be ‘love’. It’s that simple. But it’s never alone.


  6. Colleen, this made me think of the Serenity Prayer, which I think can be — but isn’t always — a good way to arrive at the truth. Or some version of it.


    • Serenity prayer. I accept that wonderful compliment. Isn’t that the issue with ‘truth’ sometimes? What is my truth is not yours, and even if it is, doesn’t mean it’s everyones. So confusing. Which is odd, because truth, should not be confusing.


  7. I love it when you make me think and remind me of Zen Buddhism. 🙂
    As to what would I carve…off hand I cannot think of just one definitive thing. Sure there is, “nothing is perfect, nothing lasts forever” but it lends to be negative and I do not know if I really agree with it entirely anyway. “We know what we are but not what we may be” Shakespeare not necessarily it and then “In Vino Veritas” in wine is truth, but that is me being a smart alec as well as noting human truth and behavior on occasion…hard to carve in thw world of Shadows what we see as Truth I guess?


  8. There is something pretty profound when someone decides to carve some random or provocative thought that is running through their mind into a slab or piece of stone. Or just put it there to evoke people to think.

    Unlike a few backstage areas of the clubs/venues I have been to and played at. Because if any of the things I’ve seen were ever written stone future generations would be confused and wondering as to what amount of boredom, stunted mental growth, and stupidity had overcome us in the past.


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