The Truth Is

I am independently wealthy.

I travel the world by first class, or not.  Depending on the travel experience I want.

I am the most pleasantly dispositioned woman God ever created.

I am never surly or impatient.   Or bitter, never am I bitter.  Ever.

I have impeccable manners.

I never let my family or friends down.

I am a world renowned writer.

I can hold my own against any bicyclist in the world.

I can match Bruce Lee’s speed, strength, and accuracy in martial arts.  And his philosophical brilliance.

I weigh 145 pounds and and can bench press 350 pounds.

I am not even a little bit OCD.

I make few mistakes.  And those I do make are barely noticed.

I look 25 years younger than I am.  Naturally of course.

I am altruistic and philanthropic!

I have a log cabin residence and an Irish stone castle residence, in Ireland of course.

I am the Queen of Ireland.


I thought putting stuff on the internet made it true…