The Truth Is

I am independently wealthy.

I travel the world by first class, or not.  Depending on the travel experience I want.

I am the most pleasantly dispositioned woman God ever created.

I am never surly or impatient.   Or bitter, never am I bitter.  Ever.

I have impeccable manners.

I never let my family or friends down.

I am a world renowned writer.

I can hold my own against any bicyclist in the world.

I can match Bruce Lee’s speed, strength, and accuracy in martial arts.  And his philosophical brilliance.

I weigh 145 pounds and and can bench press 350 pounds.

I am not even a little bit OCD.

I make few mistakes.  And those I do make are barely noticed.

I look 25 years younger than I am.  Naturally of course.

I am altruistic and philanthropic!

I have a log cabin residence and an Irish stone castle residence, in Ireland of course.

I am the Queen of Ireland.


I thought putting stuff on the internet made it true…


60 thoughts on “The Truth Is

  1. Funny! Actually I was trying to write something on someone that was perfect and ended it ironically by saying how much I would dislike such a person.. After reading this blog, thought it was you I was writing about… Until the end of course!


  2. This is sooo you
    Except for the impeccable mannners thing
    U could never pull that one off

    On a more serious note, I think it is interesting how u think bench pressing 350 is cool
    And that would of never crossed my mind. The guns u would have to have but would never
    Impress me if I had them.

    I wonder what I would consider great…


    • Well, I don’t know if truths are always great. The arm thing would imply that I work out and strive to be stronger. THAT would be great. The bench pressing thing would be a result of that. 😉

      And yeah, I would like to know what you consider great. You can tell me at lunch. 🙂


  3. Gosh, being perfect would be such a drag. What would there be to strive for? On the other hand, by believing we are the person who can accomplish such-and-such when we don’t have the knowledge or experience is effective in getting the job done!


  4. And I am queen of the universe!!!! This was fun….but except for the 145 and the two house, well one castle thing, you are a lot like the other things!!


  5. Nice! You had me going and then came the end…brilliant! 🙂 I know a few people who try the put it on the internet thing to make it true, like a wish or something…but yeah, still does not make some things true. Reality is tricky. Welll written and a good laugh. 🙂


  6. If only!! 😀 lol I loved it. You are so funny, I can always count on you to brighten my day. If you are queen of Ireland then I am queen of Scotland!!


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