God Loves Him

Yesterday a friend expressed out loud and joyfully  “God loves me”.   He then told me about some things that had unexpectedly worked in his favor for the day and he recognized how wonderful this felt and surely it had to do with God loving him.

I have faith.

I know God loves me.   I don’t necessarily believe in God the same way everyone else does, but that’s okay too.

What I reflected on today when that moment replayed in my head unexpectedly was the total joy it brought me to hear him say God loves him.

The replay of that moment its self was a little unexpected jolt of joy when I was having a low moment today.   I don’t know why I thought about it.  It just replayed in my head.  And resounded in my heart.  And lifted me.   Like someone flipped “replay” in my memory to make it replay and make me pay attention.   And let me realize some blessings.

I feel lucky and blessed to be able to look around me and see many many people of faith.  People who rejoice in it.  Making their lives better with it.   Leaning on it when they need it.  Loving life through it.   It’s important to me because those who believe in a higher power seem to have a higher power of their own.   A higher power of self confidence.   A much greater capacity for compassion.   People who share their faith in love, peace and joy understand and know God.  And I am constantly learning from them.

Taking joy from them.

Taking comfort from them.

My world is a better place because others know God loves them.  And they in turn share that with me.   And I in turn am blessed.

God loves him.  He knows it.  And I do too.