We Are Some Body

Moments.   I talk about them often.  I live them always.   And I sure love watching someone in their moments.

Often while I am pedaling away on my bike/trainer I read or watch videos.   Sometimes to get an extra adrenaline kick I watch videos that inspire me, motivate me, make me laugh, or touch me deeply.  I get an intense energy from these moments.  Other’s moments.

Today I went back to a video I have seen often, but not for awhile.   Some people may not get the same value from it that I do.   There is a video that I just love.   It’s  the first video of Susan Boyle, where she stood in front of that almost mocking crowd to sing because she wanted a chance, and she wanted to be someone. …  That gets me.  Every time.  I so admire the courage she had to of possessed to go in front of the thousands,  hundreds of thousands, of people to sing.   If that had been me I would have burst out crying when they started snorting their laughter at me.   And then burst out hysterically crying when they all initially cheered me.   I would also like to think at the very least I would have mentally flipped them off.

I see a little bit of hero in her.

She sings.  Singing isn’t heroic.  Becoming famous isn’t heroic.    Wanting to do something big and not giving up, that’s kind of heroic.  To keep going when others are laughing, that’s really  kind of heroic.  I think having a dream, a passion, a desire to do something because it lives within us, and not giving up on that life that lives internally – I do find that heroic.   There doesn’t have to be fame and fortune involved.   Maybe some dreams do include that, or come with that as a result.  But I think most dreams, honest dreams that keep us energized and hopeful, have to do with becoming good.  Or better.  Or the best, at something that makes us happy.   Hopefully the end result makes others happy.

It’s looking inside of ourselves.   Listening to ourselves.   Believing in us when maybe no body else even knows to believe.   It’s being quiet when all you want to do is scream.   It’s working the midnight shift, or the day shift, or every shift you can.  While raising the kids and using your dream to propel you.  It’s that living thing inside of you that makes you do the things you do, always hoping to get better or be able to live and fulfill your dream.   Maybe sometimes that is the best result of a dream, the propelling power in our lives.   I bet a lot of us use our dreams as a go to mental place, where we go when life gets difficult or near unbearable.   And to be able to dream, to think about the possibilities, that’s what keeps us going and gets us through.

I sometimes go back to watching that video and see the smirking and doubtful faces in the crowd.    We know now what talent Susan Boyle has.   But before she even opened her mouth, she had that, that dream.   That ability.   But before any of us knew her ability, she was already some one.   We are all that person, standing on that stage, before she opened her mouth to sing.   Before she sings, that is me.   That is you.   That is most of us.   Some of us may never open our mouths and sing our dream.   But it’s there.

I just hope that we all have that kind of moment.   Not the open-our-mouth-and-sing moment.  But that moment where we stand on that stage, before we open our mouth to sing, that moment where we realize our dreams can come true.   And even if they don’t, we are somebody.