No One Paid Attention

This happened on May 31, 2012.

Not too many people paid attention.

So I thought I would tell about it again.

This is what happened-

During the course of my day today I asked an elderly  man a question:

“Are you a veteran?”

He said “yes”.

I said “thank you”.

He said no one ever said that to him before.


He cried.

It’s not just that he’s a veteran. But an old man who lived a long time needing something. And maybe not even knowing it until that moment.

36 thoughts on “No One Paid Attention

  1. My mother used to make us thank police officers and veterans (if they were wearing something that indicated some sort if service) if we saw them in a restaurant or someplace. I was horribly shy and hated it, but I am glad she did for their sake.


  2. Since that day, much has changed to the good. A lot of people have learned the importance of saying thank you to our veterans and the people protecting us now. Thankfully. Also, thankfully, Colleen, you have remained a constant. 🙂


    • Aw thanks Paulette. I happen to be “the one” that day. My coworkers and I ask all of our people if they are veterans, and if they say yes, we all thank them. I was the lucky one that day. Because it touched me so deeply.


  3. Thank you is so important! Colleen, you knew how to melt this man’s heart and warm it, too. It was so special that you didn’t just say hello or something else. I am sure there are many Vets who still need to hear these words, if it has been awhile or not, it means they chanced giving up their life for us, they did this willingly and most say they wiould gladly do it again… Wow!


    • I have yet to have one tell me he or she would not do it again. They all have different (or the same in some cases) reasons for signing up but they are all providing us a service when they do. I’ll continue to say thank you.


    • I can’t imagine the frustration some of these men and women have carried for years. It’s hard enough the mental anguish many of them come home with….but at a time when no one understood or appreciated what you did….


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