Every Day I Go

Every Day I Go.

Every Day I Go

With coffee in hand.

And my lunch-

No it’s not a purse or a briefcase.

It’s my lunch.

I go the same time every day.

By breaking morning light.

Every Day

By sunny early light.

By Sunny Light

By summer sunny fire.

By Sunny Fire

By rain.

By Rain

By darkening skies.

By Moon

By falling leaves.

By Falling Leaves

By snow.

By Snow

Every day I go.

Every Day I Go

Every day goes by.

And I notice it.

Things that change each day.



Life Changes.

Nothing is the same.

Even if it’s at the same time.

Every day.

52 thoughts on “Every Day I Go

  1. HOw the heck do you do that? Colleen – I love this post today! i think it is the simplicity of the message and definitely the stick person with all the cool details in the background. Your use of the “simple” stick person really reveals the message you are conveying. So uncomplicated.


    • 🙂 THank you Paulette. I have book ideas. It’s finding the time and the right format. I can’t find the “square” format I want (smaller than 8.5 by 8.5) any where. And I have no head for the formatting. BUt!!!! I am working on it. 🙂 Thank you so much Paulette. You kind of reengergized me for this!


  2. I loved the illustrations! It really does depict the dailyness of life.

    I’m keeping a daily journal using Moleskeine. The entries aren’t long and some weeks I feel like there’s just not enough differences in what happens, but when I look back, I see the days are different whether it feels like it or not.



  3. I love the way you illustrated your mindful mornings. Someone wise or important once said you can’t step into the same river twice. He was right. Even the sameness is different every day. 🙂


  4. Ah, the Zen nature of it all…and a bit of Herclitus, nothing stays the same. Not always a bad thing. Beautiful too…and I love the coffee is a staple to the day too. 🙂


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