39 thoughts on “Missed Credit

  1. When I was a teenager I worked at an Orange Julius and it was really slow so I started cleaning. Then the boss’ wife came by and gave all the credit to one of the guys that worked there. I was so pissed! Still am…guess I have the wrong idea, huh? (Ha,ha)


    • Oh I should probably clarify. This was something I observed recently. It kind of stuck in my head. Someone was defended. But the idea of it made me believe (and know from personal experience) that it happens.


  2. Excellent point. The light within. I can recall when slaving away in the second busiest ER in Los Angeles county, I received one written card from a patient, thanking me. I saw patients with heart attacks, spinal cord injuries, you name it, all but the heavy duty trauma, NPs were hired on as we were more cost effective than hiring on other ER docs, and boy did we work. Sometimes if was a thankless job and deflating but then there were the times, like you wrote above, when I did something (one in particular, a 6 month old baby coded, and I was there to help save his life) and no one needed to thank you. The light was on and I felt it. No better feeling than that inside job. Thank you! ❤


    • That “inside job”. 🙂 That’s why we do what we do. Grant it, the outside appreciation feels good. But I do think the happiest and most sincere people I’ve seen in life go quietly about their business, their jobs, their passions….for the glory of what they do. And they absorb it.


  3. This happens all too often in all too many areas: blogging, work, etc.

    If the person getting the credit knows or is perpetrating this, then they need to speak up.

    I’ve already said on one post that I know I can sleep at night with my decisions, I guess they can too but it will catch up one day. Hopefully.


  4. This summer, I was sent to analyze a problem our customer was having. I solved the puzzle and it was a really impressive solve, if I do say so myself. It was a major adrenaline rush and seriously a highlight-of-my-career kind of moment. I was extremely proud of myself.

    Unfortunately, there were things going on behind the scenes, unrelated to my effort, such that when I returned, the work related to that problem was being given to someone else. They didn’t really steal it per se, and they didn’t get credit for my effort but the change sort of negated what I had done. The customer never responded to my report. No one seemed to care.

    I complained to my sympathetic boss that I had accomplished something truly wonderful and no one was giving me any kudos for it. It was a major ego bust. To have one of the highest moments of my career be followed – literally *days* later – by one of the lowest moments was difficult to process.

    Your words could not have been better crafted as a direct remark to me. Thank you.


    • Brightspots, I’m glad you found these words. I do believe that when we really need something, we get it. Though you may not have gotten the credit you deserved (and it’s completely understandable that frustration!) I’m glad these words gave you what you needed. To know that WHAT you did matters. And that you did it well matters. And that you know you did it.


  5. Colleen, I agree with this post. It’s really the action that matters and how that action affects or helps people – not really who the action belongs to. We can take pride in how we benefit others or how we accomplish things, but that pride should not overwhelm us or motivate all of our actions.


    • Well said Thomas. Though we all bask in appreciation, I think we build ourselves up when we do what we do, because it needs done, whether anyone else pats on the back or not. (Though I am not going to deny I feel good when someone says “thank you”. )

      🙂 (Good to see you!)


  6. I was so proud today when our House of Commons gave a standing ovation to the man (Sargent at Arms Mr. Vickers) who stopped the gunman from killing our politicians. Here, is a place (parliament) where often credit is mis-placed. Today – I regained faith in our own democracy and the people who try to honour it.


  7. It does happen, and at times accidentally. I try to always give cresit but sometimes I just blank it or thought I did, never maliciously. It has happened to me a few times too.
    I love your outlook though, in the end we know, and that is all that matters. 🙂


  8. Just knowing you did it first or was the only one who did something, that may be enough. I am content sometimes not getting the ‘credit’ but other times a little upset that my feelings (or the one who was the ‘original’) were not considered.
    I like a quote that is not exactly applicable but it is short and sweet:
    “Those who mind don’t matter.
    Those who matter don’t mind.”
    Those who ‘borrow’ ideas should give credit, but those who do this without any thought of the other’s feelings, don’t matter. Hugs for all the special posts that really hit the spot with me, Colleen! You Matter!


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