Under The Tree

To find this world you have to stand under the tree.

And I don’t mean go stand under any tree.

You have to find the tree,

That you can truly,

Stand under.

Find The Tree

Find that tree.

Then you must stand under it.

Under The Tree





Under That Tree


And only then.

Will you be able to see.

The portals.


But be careful

Which ones you choose.

Because they all lead somewhere.


And once you enter,

Be careful what you see,

Is what you want to see again,

If you choose to return.

Look Back



Be it known

That the treasures you find

Will be treasures of truth.

Where gold is valued

For it’s own sake

And not for false worth.


And existence

Is beautiful

In the light

In the dark

In it’s very breath.

Treasure Map

No map.

No tricks.

Just find that tree.

And find that world.

To explore.

37 thoughts on “Under The Tree

  1. These should be in National Geographic, or on a coffee table book. They are absolutely stunning. What a gorgeous mystical place you ventured upon. Reminds of lord of the rings.
    Thank you for the share and your insightful words lovely. xx


  2. I have something similar, but the place I have isn’t a tree. It’s a cool park with an underpass type of tunnel we found one day a friend and I were driving around one time. I used it once in a video.


  3. “That the treasures you find, are treasures of truth” is what stood out for me–well, the beautiful photos to match your words also stood out. I don’t know of a tree, but I know a huge rock that’s been in my way, and I’m moving it.


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