A Child’s Compassion

Her little four year old self was busy nosing through everything she could.  She would pick up every item and ask what it was.  Can she have it?  What’s it for?  Where did it come from?  Who’s is it?  Can I have it anyway?

She picked up a roll of Necco Wafers sitting in a cup.   She asked what it was.   I told her it was candy like my dad used to buy us when we were kids.

She asked if she could have it.

I told her no, I’m sorry.  Someone bought it for me because it reminded me of my dad.   She said “oh” and didn’t understand why that mattered.

I told her my dad had died.  She looked at me without fully understanding.

I said “my daddy’s not here any more.  He’s in heaven.”

Her little expression changed.  And she said “that’s so sad”.

I told her “it is”.

She said “okay” and put the Necco Wafers back in the cup with a nice little pat.