She Sleeps So Small

I don’t know where she is going.

I am not sure what she will see.

I dream of the things she will accomplish and hope to share in some of them.  I wish I could go with her to all of the places she will go and share the full and long life she will have.  But by the time she is the age I am now – I will likely be gone.  And this makes me sad.    There are so many great things that will happen for her.  Because of her.  With her.

I’m kind of jealous I won’t be able to do some of the things she will be able to do.  And I’m kind of scared of what this world will present her and her generation to fix, to resolve, or to repair.  Her world now is full of love and support and comfort.  It is “us” that protect her and build her world around her.  I don’t want that world to leave her.   But I know that all of the love she gets now will help her become the protector, the builder, the strength to guide those who come after her.  She will become what I am, some day.  Just as I, once, was where she is now.    I have glimpses of what her future may hold, and of course I don’t really know what that may be.  But I have hope.  Hope that if we fill the little ones with love and hope and weed out the hate and the angst they will be better than us.  Isn’t that what every teacher, mentor, parent wants?  For those who come after us to be better, do better.  To live well and live rightly.

I may not know where she is going.

But where she is right  now….

Right now she sleeps so small.

 And this gift of her now is gift enough for me.

But when she wakes.  And as she grows.  She will go.

And where ever she goes I hope she goes greatly.