God Watch Over Those Who Watch Over Me

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day in the United States of America.

The people it is created to honor will be working.   Watching over us.  Protecting us.  Or they will be lying in their graves having done a duty we  have no way of truly thanking them for.  Technically I think “veteran” is a word that represents a person who has served in the military and either retired or has finished their tour(s) of duty.  But I think the majority of us who pay respects on this day, include the active duty military personnel.

Not everyone needs to, gets to (it is a privilege) or should join the military.  But every one needs to support the men and women who sign up and do what their country asks of them.   Whether we join our military or not we still have an obligation.   To support them.   To protect them when they can no longer do the protecting.   And on an every day basis, we need to live the life of an American.  Because so many millions of people can not.  We have that opportunity.

We need to live our days  being the best Americans we can be.  We need to be loyal to our country.  If you don’t agree with something about America, don’t trash the USA.   Work to make it better.   Come to the table with a disagreement, that’s fine.  But bring along suggestions to right the wrongs and be willing to be a part of the righting of our country.   Stop trashing who we are and what we do.   Stop complaining about everything we have.   We as a nation were built by hard working, sacrificing individuals.   They had ideals and ethics.   I bet all of our founding fathers and mothers did not agree on everything.  But they worked it out.   They worked together.  And they didn’t piss and moan about what should be done for them.  They were part of what needed done for all of us.

Tomorrow will just be another day off for many of us.  Some of us won’t even recognize what it’s about.   They won’t thank a veteran.  Many people who get a day off tomorrow, and who will take advantage of that day off, have not served.   They have not served in the military and they don’t serve their country.   There are many ways to serve your country.   Work.  Give back.  Volunteer.   Be the best parent you can be.  Have fun with your friends without causing damage to others.   Don’t hurt your fellow countryman.   Don’t demand of your country something you aren’t willing to do for yourself.  When your country does provide for you, be thankful.  There is so much you can do.  Every day.

Be the kind of person that those who are defending us, can be proud of.

And whether you have the day off or not-

Tomorrow, thank a veteran.

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22 thoughts on “God Watch Over Those Who Watch Over Me

  1. Yes, no matter what we think of fighting or our country, I think we all honor the men and women who served.


  2. I admired those people who never get tired in supporting our veteran warriors. I agree with you, we are responsible to protect them now that they can’t no longer protect themselves.. Nice blog…


  3. Here Here Colleen. Bless those who fought for their country, who gave up their lives so we could live a little more safely. Well said.


  4. Hear, hear. Many are gone and must not be forgotten, but we must also remember those who are fighting today.
    Thank you for this post, Colleen.


  5. Aussa Lorens says:

    Well said, Colleen.


  6. markbialczak says:

    Yes, indeed, Colleen. You are part of the solution. Thank you, too, as well as our veterans. I carry the same definition as you. The moment somebody signs that paper and puts on that uniform to serve our country, the are a veteran. Thank you all.


  7. reocochran says:

    Perfect. Glad you did this post. I won’t have to write anything to add, this was beautiful.


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