Abandoned And Arrested

Left alone.

Mudhouse Mansion




Mudhouse Mansion






Mudhouse Mansion


Water Wheel


Mudhouse Mansion


Mudhouse Mansion


Mudhouse Mansion


Carriage House Mudhouse Mansion




Mudhouse Mansion


Mudhouse Mansion



Not really. But we were lucky! 😉

There are beautiful pieces of our history all around.

Imagine the lives and times this home and it’s people-

Lived in.

53 thoughts on “Abandoned And Arrested

  1. I always think about that when I see an abandoned house, etc. Who lived there before? What happened? Did they dream they would be there forever? All that kind of thing.

    Beautifully captured, CM.


  2. Colleen, those photos are beautiful. I have always been saddened by abandoned structures, especially homes. There is a decrepit, vandalized house in Syracuse that is a great photo waiting to happen, if the light is right. In the background, a mile or so away, is the shining mega-mall that changed our city (not for the better, in my opinion) and it would be a great study in contrasts. Our blogger friend Mark B may know of it, and he knows who I want to take that photo!


  3. Damn, that was incredible, Colleen. Amazing what a story these images tell. Well done!

    Hope you and David are doing well. I’ve been gone over a month this time around. Still no good excuses, but I’m trying to get back in the groove. How do you manage to keep up? Seriously, life is kicking my butt—but I’m happy and all is well. But, boy, my ass is aching!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    • Hello Aching Ass Kathy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I miss you!!! I understand life getting in the way. I’ve no idea about how I keep up….other than after reading some I am time constrained to ‘like’ instead of comment on everything. And having an hour or so at my bike desk relegates a lot of time to the computer. 😉

      Hello and hugs to Sara! 🙂 ANd hopefully we’ll see some exceptionally well crafted words from you …..

      I would think that since you started fresh there you had no grooves to begin with in Ecuador. 😉 Now you must create them. Or avoid them all together!

      Hugs returned!


  4. Colleen, in our world somebody would see these photos and save these houses and start a whole new book of chapters. Wouldn’t that be something to come from your pictures? They are art that should spawn action, my friend. 😮


  5. Being a history buff–who is really interested in the regular people of our past, I always wonder about the lives lived in abandoned homes, the business transactions that took place in vacant stores. Your post also triggered another thought for me, but I’m not going to dwell on it. I’m restoring my house to is previous grandeur. 😀


  6. As with many beautiful houses and buildings of a bygone era, it does not have the systems, electrical, plumbing, heating, to make it livable. The expense to retrofit those systems is often more that to just start over in a new structure. Even if the requisite systems were installed to make it livable by today’s standards, would the surrounding community support the lifestyle of someone who had the money to reinvigorate the building?


    • I don’t know that there is anything that could be done to save this house now. It is truly a shell, rotting from the inside out. Terribly sad. I think the community would have relished someone preserving it. I have never heard anything but sadness over it’s demise. Maybe someone who had that kind of money and came in to the community might help revitalize the community! 😉

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