You Are Losing Your Point

“Be the change that you wish the world to see.”

Mahatma Gandhi

If you are angry about injustice and violence-why are you violent and creating injustice?

I cannot hear your point when you scream.

I cannot sympathize with your anger when you create chaos and fear.

I cannot support your claims of righteousness while watching you act so unrighteous.

What point are you trying to make?  Because I don’t understand your anger about wrong doing.  When you are doing wrong out of anger.

Use your anger with intelligence and passion to create change.

Not destruction.

27 thoughts on “You Are Losing Your Point

  1. You’re asking a lot of many people, Colleen. 🙂 There are those who simply default to fulminating rather than pausing and listening to their own inaneness. Perhaps if they heeded their heart rather than their ego mind…


    • Eric I understand anger and frustration. And gathering and demonstrating. I don’t understand destruction and terrorizing. If the behaviors are such that you are destroying your own community, the message tends to be lost. I want to hear the message. I want to hear their “heart”. I’m just afraid that the actions will end up doing no good for the message.


      • Valid (in the eyes of the beholder) emotions run deep and are difficult to contain. I hear and agree with you, Colleen. I too advocate for civility, after all, we have evolved (to a measurable extent) as a civilized race.


        • Thanks Eric. I will be very honest to say this has had me worried all day. I had some tell me they hoped an indictment would be returned because they feared the violence so much. I think we all have a way to go with civility. Myself included.


  2. It’s strangely appropriate quoting Gandhi here since he was incredibly racist against blacks, and supported the Indian caste system that kept people where he believed they were divinely ordained to belong. It’s a good mirror to the commentary of what’s happening in Missouri.

    You say you don’t understand the anger, but you’re not bothering to try and learn, just passing judgement. Because the message is not packaged exactly how you say it should be (or the parts of the message you’re seeing), you believe it’s wrong. But if it was whispered? If they laid down in the streets and allowed the armored vehicles to run them over? Then what they’re saying would be right? The words would be no different, they would just be wrapped in a different bow, one that made you slightly more comfortable.

    It’s not that you cannot feel empathy, it’s that you will not. You will not listen to distraught, hurt, and yes, angry voices, because you would rather believe they are all barbaric. It’s so much easier that way. To write off the voice of an entire people because it’s too loud, too angry. Any excuse to pretend it’s not relevant and righteous.

    There are so many people trying to use their anger for good, but this debases all of that. You are a fan of Jesus, right? He advocated nonviolence, and yet the time still came when tables got flipped. The SON OF GOD lost his composure, and just think: he *knew* how it would all end. Humans are not so lucky.

    So where is the line allowed to be drawn? You love veterans, but consider this: rarely are they fighting for themselves, for an injustice done directly to them. Yes, they fight for greater ideals, some they believe in, some I would venture some would say they do not, but their fight, their “violence,” comes from an outside place. But imagine if here, at home, they were constantly accosted by terrorists, the Viet Cong, Nazis, and that’s what drove them to fight back in the streets of their own neighborhoods? Would they be unworthy of your sympathy then?

    Gandhi argued that the Jews should have committed mass suicide rather than fight back in the Warsaw ghetto when the Nazis came for them. That is his nonviolence. What’s yours?


  3. Ashley you say I am not bothering to learn. You say that I don’t feel empathy. I don’t think those are fair statements to make. I am not passing judgement on anyone’s anger. On anyone’s emotions. I’m not writing off the voices that I can hear. I can hear a voice of passion. I can hear a voice of anger. I can feel empathy for anyone who has been done wrong, or who suffers incredible pain.

    I am only being honest in expressing how difficult it is to hear a message when it is being screamed at me. When fists are raised and terror is instilled, it kind of distorts the message. I don’t think I am debasing anyone’s voice that I can hear. I am not in any way diminishing anyone’s attempts to do good with their anger, or their frustration. I think that is a large leap to make out of what I said.

    My post was not to antagonize. It was to express fear over the actions that are being taken to create fear, to create chaos, to create intimidation. I’ve been a victim in my lifetime, that does not give me the right to make someone else a victim because I am angry and frustrated by it. A victim who perpetuates fear and violence becomes the perpetrator.

    The quote, regardless of who said it, stands on it’s own. Any one of us should do what we can….if we expect and demand change we need to be part of that change. That is a message given and preached by many, many people. In many different voices, cultures and languages.

    I’ve never claimed to be politically savvy. Or for that matter, on a high scale of intelligence. I’m about as common as they come. I have simple thoughts, so you may think me simple if you choose. I’m okay with that. And my very simple and honest comments here were in regards to fear. I can’t help but fear rioting and acts of violence in communities where yes, other people can be hurt. I don’t think I am turning a deaf ear or my heart to stone because I fear.

    And how much can I hear when I am scared?


    • I am seeing businesses being burned, people looting. I don’t understand how putting their fellow community members out of business, employees out of work, destroying their community…makes any good points. I don’t understand how stealing from attacked businesses is a valid way to make a point. I hope, and pray, no one gets hurt.


  4. I hear you Colleen. There have always seemed to be a lot of angry voices turning to violence in order to make a point, or show their dissatisfaction. You are absolutely correct–turn that passion into finding a resolution. DO something that will make a difference. There have been many violent demonstrations throughout our history—have these types of demonstrations accomplished much? I don’t think so. Destroying a community and its economy, leaves a wasteland. What’s next? Yell if it makes you feel you have to in order to be heard, but destroying your community doesn’t exactly say much.


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