26 thoughts on “Without Honesty

  1. And…..your pants will catch on fire….liar, liar. I’m sorry, I just can’t help but take something profound and serious and make it into something not so much. Hugs


  2. Without honesty there is nothing…yet we try first by not being honest with ourselves. Sometimes at least I have found this to be the trouble with well meaning but not quite honest people. They think they are sparing your feelings or that reality is not quite as it is and then there is little trust or communication after that. Once truth is revealed it makes it hard when they are in denial. Still, eventually I feel we all get there and can be honest with oursleves and others in time.


  3. I missed this one, Colleen! I am so glad we are able to be honest, since we cannot be anything but ourselves to be truly in a friendship. I feel blessed to have ‘met’ you through our blogs, someday maybe in person, too. Take care and merry moments wished for you and yours!


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